Removing the Headlights and Grille on your RAM 1500 2500 3500 – DIY HOW TO

Removing the Headlights and Grille on your RAM 1500 2500 3500 – DIY HOW TO

In this video we show how to remove the front grille assembly and headlights in order to change the bulbs on your 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2017 2018 RAM 1500 2500 3500.

The job is fairly straightforward but it a bit labor intensive for just having to replace a bulb inside your headlight on the truck. This is the way the truck is designed unfortunately but hopefully this helps show you the process!

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mike matthews says:

And I thought replacing the bulbs on my Silverado was a pain in the ass , What a piss poor design but appreciate the info !

David Garza says:

What size rims and tires do you have?

Stephen Gregory says:

Why does this need to be so fuckin complicated? Why can't Ram just make a goddamn twist on twist off lightbulb like EVERY OTHER FUCKING MANUFACTURER ON EARTH

Pisses me off I have to disassemble my entire fucking front end to change a damn light bulb

By the way, you DO NOT need to remove the light from the harness. I now broke the fucking clip and all I had to do was remove the little panel on the back once I got the assembly out. You're getting a lot of praise on here but this was NOT the best video

Made In Oregon says:

Great video!

What a pain in the ass for just changing a lamp.

suppaman19701 says:

You just earned another subscriber, great video!

Corlis Ferguson says:

Great job and huge help

Rick’s Random Repairs and Reviews says:

Wait, no trim removal tool to use on those tabs?

Blue Ox says:

I dunno why they gotta make it so difficult.
Back in the 70s & 80s you just loosened the screws holding the headlight itself and slap a new one in there. Easy peasy.

Zachary says:

Thanks for the video it was so easy to follow

Desiree Martinez says:

I cannot feel the white clip… I think I got the pink one but I’m not sure what color feels like…is something wrong with me…? I can’t feel color!! Help


Really??? – This is only way to change light bulb?That was " genius" ingeneer who did this. I do have a deer protective bar on front , winch and that all have to go off for replace one light bulb – stupid. two – plus hours work. My old Ram VAN 2500 – replace hed lamp bulb 20-30 seconds. Anyway – you did a great job to explain step by step

cliff long says:

What a pain in the ass!! Ugh

Greg says:

Thanks for the instructions on this. Made this job a snap.

Jack Jack says:

Very helpful, thank you

Heather Hales says:

what if my white tab is missing? passenger side is missing but driver side has one. I need to replace passenger side

Troy Castellano says:

Holy shit that's a lot of disassembly for replacing a headlight!

Olivier Gagnon says:

Thanks for the video, came in handy to upgrade to LEDs and I needed the grille off to wire in a light bar.

I saw another how-to without removing the grille to get to lights, but if you have a 12V impact, ie Milwaukee M12, the grille comes off in literally 90 seconds.

sean shad says:

Great Job. Thanks

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