How to replace the starter motor on a Dodge Dakota (2000 – 2004) / Dodge Durango (2000 – 2003)

How to replace the starter motor on a Dodge Dakota (2000 – 2004) / Dodge Durango (2000 – 2003)

Do you need to replace the starter motor on your 2000 to 2004 Dodge Dakota or 2000 to 2003 Dodge Durango but don’t know where to start? This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to do it!

Our Dodge Dakota / Durango manual covers the chapters below and includes videos for some of the most common jobs, which you can see here in this playlist. Get the full manual here:

Chapter 1: Tune-up and routine maintenance
Chapter 2: Part A: Four-cylinder engine
Chapter 2: Part B: V6 and 5.2L/5.9L V8 engines
Chapter 2: Part C: 4.7L OHC V8 engine
Chapter 2: Part D: General engine overhaul procedures
Chapter 3: Cooling, heating and air conditioning systems
Chapter 4: Fuel and exhaust systems
Chapter 5: Engine electrical systems
Chapter 6: Emissions and engine control systems
Chapter 7: Manual and automatic transmissions, transfer case
Chapter 8: Clutch and driveline
Chapter 9: Brakes
Chapter 10: Suspension and steering systems
Chapter 11: Body
Chapter 12: Chassis electrical systems
Wiring Diagrams



Peter Senser says:

Where is the ground wire connected to the starter?

W. C. says:

Must be nice, working on a 2Wheel drive model… without that front driveshaft in the way, looks EASY….

taylor mcfadden says:

There is is a metal plate with a hole for the top bolt that I'm having trouble getting to Align and I can't find any mention of it in any videos

jeremy estok says:

I believe this is for the 2.5 L 4 cylinder

El Blaise says:

That is not how the starter is mounted in my 01 RWD.

Tim Griswold says:

Great video. Now I know I made the right decision to have it professionally done.

Zap Rowsdower says:

Mines AWD, will I have to remove the diff and shaft?

AM Performance says:

What size are the bolts?

JETZcorp says:

My truck looks nothing like what they showed. On mine you MUST put your wrench parallel with the starter in such a way that the handle is sandwiched between it and a piece of frame. Meaning you can turn the wrench 1/2 if a degree, MAX.

Ricardo Martinez says:

What size is the electrical nut

Miguel Castaneda says:

alot simpler than my 93 originaly has shielding and support bar

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