How to remove/replace a dodge ram 1500 4.7l engine

How to remove/replace a dodge ram 1500 4.7l engine

2004 dakota engine into a 2003 ram 1500. only difference was the passenger side exhaust manifold , oil pan , clutch fan , and of course your engine mounts. No ac discharged or power steering removed from the vehicle. thanks for watching.



ColdWheels says:

The absolute #1 engine removal video I've seen on youtube.

I have a 2000 dakota 4.7, picked it up for 650 in need of an engine and I didn't know where to even start. I'm pretty mechanically inclined, I do mobile mechanic work in the summer as a side job so I know the odds and ins somewhat well, but I ain't NEVER pulled no motor. However the way I've thought myself over the years is just by biting off wayy more than I can chew, and make myself figure it out (be it through youtube, forums, haynes, etc.) Well I've absolutely never had the balls to pull an engine and every other time I was faced with the need to replace one I just opted to sell the vehicle. Like a Pu**y.

Well I saw the ad for the dodge and couldn't pass it up, started scouring the internet for how to's and just like every other time i need to learn something… And every other time its crappy videos with lots of time lapses from far away angles and very little interruption for small details or even big details. Your video is not that. This is the most detailed, in depth, down and dirty, shove that camera in there to get the bolt in the frame, just all around, end to end bad ass engine pull video on youtube.

Amazing job. I request the highest of fives from you good sir. And from the bottom of my heart thank you for spending the time to make the video so idiots like me can get good deals on trucks

KickSomeAss says:

This…was a gad dang adventure.

Chris Olson says:

Good stuff. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

Kevin Kearney says:

Best video I have seen. I have a 04 ram 1500 4.7 removed engine and purchased new replacement engine old engine has no egr but new engine has a erg. Is it ok to blockoff with plate or should I try to find a different engine

average woodsman says:

I have a 04 dodge ram with a 5.7l, is this the same process as your 4.7l

David Nichols says:

Thank you for putting this video up. My truck has been sitting for a while, but after watching this video I feel very confident about doing the motor swap. I saved the video for reference.

gueleaqui says:

Great video!! Swapping my 05 RAM 4.7 engine soon. This is by far the best video I've seen. Thanks so much for taking the time. Best regards!

Ryan v says:

What a wonderful detailed video. Thank you for taking the time and effort. It's much appreciated! I hope you make more detailed videos because this really will help people. I have 1 question for give me if it sounds foolish. Why did you have to take the bolts off the new motor torque converter and put them back on when trying to mate the motor with the transmission? Would it have been easier to do it outside? Thanks for the info. I'm subscribing!!

Angel Obando says:

Saludos. alguien me podría enviar algún video de como extraer para sustuir el motor de una dodge ram van año 86…Gracias

Jacob Williams says:

I’m doing my truck I have no ideal what I’m doing thanks for the video lol

Ryan Wilson says:

Great detail, pulling a 4.7L on my 05 Dakota this weekend.

Evert Ocampo says:

Thanks for the video that’s help me out but I got Questions can I swapped engine from Jeep Cheroke 2002 4.7 v8 on my dodge 2002 4.7 v8 too

Joe Gold says:

How different is the 4.7 and 5.7 removal?

Jason Baron says:

I am in the middle of swapping a reman 4.7 into my 2004 Ram. You are a hero for documenting all of this. Thanks!!!

IG: xlevihz says:

I’m putting a 5.7l v8 in my truck so far everything seems to be the same but do you think there are any differences or will this video still work to help me getting the new engine in there

Efrain Alvarez says:

Thanks man. Your video help me a lot. I just replace the engine in my 02 dodge ram 4.7. Thanks to your video. Everything come out perfect. My new old engine is running so smooth just took it to the emission test and pass. One thing. I never remove the bumper. Was a little hard to get the engine back in place but thanks for your video

Jim Nugent says:

Excellent video thanks for taking the time to record this

Lisa Zupon says:

I would have liked to see how you got the flex plate bolts out. You said you took them out but didn't really explain how. Other than that, amazing informational videos. Thanks so much!

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