How To Remove A 2009 – 2021 Dodge Ram Tailgate – Take Off, Replace, Replacement Video Tutorial

How To Remove A 2009 – 2021 Dodge Ram Tailgate – Take Off, Replace, Replacement Video Tutorial

An easy to follow DIY video tutorial on how to remove the tailgate on a 2009 – 2021 Dodge Ram.

The dodge ram owner’s manual contains the following information on the removal of the tailgate.

Removing The Tailgate
1. Disconnect the wiring harness for the rear camera and or power locks.
2. Unlatch the tailgate and remove the support cables by releasing the lock tang from the pivot.
NOTE: Make sure tailgate is supported when removing support cables.
3. Position the tailgate on a 45 degree angle.
4. Raise the right side of the tailgate until the right side pivot clears the hanger bracket.
5. Without latching, rotate the tail gate to nearly closed, then slide the entire tailgate to the right to free the left side pivot.
6. Remove the tailgate from the vehicle.
7. Reverse steps to re-install tail gate

This video will show how to take off the tailgate on the following Dodge Ram models:
2009 Dodge Ram
2010 Dodge Ram
2011 Dodge Ram
2012 Dodge Ram
2013 Dodge Ram
2014 Dodge Ram
2015 Dodge Ram
2016 Dodge Ram
2017 Dodge Ram
2018 Dodge Ram
2019 Dodge Ram
2020 Dodge Ram
2021 Dodge Ram

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Laurie Davis says:

Thank you for this! I accidently learned how to pop off the right side of the tailgate today, when loading stuff in the back while at Costco. I pushed the tail gate too hard, with too many boxes in the back. The right side lifted up and unhooked itself. I thought I broke the tailgate off the truck. We are a bunch of girls and had no idea what we were doing. But after watching this video, we did okay.

Chad Gustafson says:

How do you disable the command start chirps?

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