How to Install Splash Guards | 09-14 Dodge Challenger

How to Install Splash Guards | 09-14 Dodge Challenger

Couldn’t find a good video on how to install these, so here we go! Amazon Link:

Not exact MOPAR parts, but really close. And not bad for $75 dollars, they were $90 at the time the video was shot.





Joseph J. says:

How’d they hold up with only two of three on the rears?

Mista Shanksta says:

Yeah you did kinda miss something, the Defuser that goes on the back. Nice flaps but there's more out there that has a more smoother sporty look.

Randall Cooke says:

Great video, clear step by step, "the way it should be".. Thank you.

Logan Bradshaw says:

Will the same ones fit on a 09 charger

06stanglover says:

Beautiful car and rims!

Taco says:

Looks great man

Geezer's Garage says:

Would a regular rivet tool work on these plastic ones ?

Jason M. Powell says:

Your B5 Blue(?) Challenger R/T Classic is beautiful. I have the exact same car (2014) w/ the white R/T side stripes n' all in TorRed.

Jason M. Powell says:

Why didn't you reuse the 2 center screws the fasten the rocker panel for the front splash guards? They're gonna function & last a lot longer than the plastic jobbies. I bought & installed these same OEM Mopar splash guards recently, & I too found the same situation you did w/ the center hole of the rear splash guards not lining up w/ the existing hole on the plastic wheel well cover. I found that drilling a new hole in the splash guard from behind (inside the fender) to use the existing hole in the wheel well cover worked well.I REALLY like your idea of adding some 3M automotive adhesive tape to the top of the front guards to prevent debris from getting in there & also to help fasten it to the fender. Why Mopar only put that adhesive tape on the rear ones is beyond me, but good for you for taking that extra step. I think that I will end up re-installing the front guards & add that tape. Some time ago I bought a pack of the 1/4" blind/pop rivets to have on hand for just such an occasion. Good video man!

Aquarius says:

Got a 3 week old Challenger Scat Pack…washed the the other day and noticed to small rock chips already grrrrr. Just ordered the Mopar mud guards. Since you have had yours installed, do they seem to be doing the trick?

Wally World says:

Beautiful car but your challenger script emblems seem awfully low on the fender.

455Transam says:

How long did it take to install these??
Dealer said it's 2 hours labor, half hour per mud flap, he wants $160.00 to install, I thought that was kind of high and too long to instal.
I'd do it myself but I have a very bad back.

Asvp Avery says:

Thanks a lot! I was definitely about to pay a body shop to put this on for me but not anymore

Muhammed Bin Nafaa says:

Great video and it did really helped cause I was confused with the back ones I just felt that there is something wrong and because of that I decided to take it to a work shop but now I don't think so.

Thank you 🙂

John Anderson says:

I like your wheels .. gives it a retro look

B says:

have been looking for a video like this for a long time. good job dude

W.D.T. High-Performance says:

Looks Awesome Bro..!

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