How to Install Ram 1500 Cabin Filter

How to Install Ram 1500 Cabin Filter

Retrofit a cabin air filter into the 4th Gen. Dodge Ram 1500 with Corey from

Cabin Filter Retrofit Kit Available here:



Don Carniato says:

Well done UTube instructional video with a guy who speaks clearly and you can actually understand.

Steve Sugulas says:

First Class! Doing it now, Thank you! Subscribed 🙂

Joe Francis says:

Where do you get the cover and filter at, maybe the filter i can get here but the cover no way.??any suggestion

Todd Bankes says:

I watched another video….huy reached up n popped cover rt off saying tabs on side….was 2009 to 2016….. I got an 2011 I bought new. My cover won't budge. Guess it's cutting time.

Ryan Wachstetter says:

Do the arrows go up or face down?

Noteworthy Fragrances says:

Why would they make a sealed air filter cabin?
So you have to cut the opening and buy a kit so you can reseal the air filter cabin and access at later time?

davecpgh says:

I didn't know Rams didn't come with cabin filters. Mine looks just like this! I thought it was a door and tried like hell to open it to put the filter in. Guess I have to cut it out! Damn this is a pain. Thanks Dodge!

Michael Walling says:

I have been searching for this info without success for years. Thought I would give it one more try and stumbled upon your video which answered many questions: 1) Does my truck HAVE a CAF? ans: no 2) can you retrofit one? ans: yes and all the obvious subsequent questions and answer. Thanks so much for your concise and clear demo. You, my friend, are my newest You-tube hero.

rudz duke says:

no wonder there's no access door to the cabin air filter… there's no filter at all!! i just installed mine and cutting the opening looks easy in this video but in reality it's not LOL..

Marcius Lisboa says:

In my car doesn’t have cover…help me.

Chuck Spani says:

how many dumbasses are gonna post here "I dont have an access door" instead of actually watching the video showing you how to cut it? Seems complicated … if yer stupid

ski mark says:

You put the filter in sideways,

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