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MrMotofy says:

3.5 cfm AT 0 PSI, OR Free Air. Real numbers are more like 40psi and 90 or 100psi, which get lower the higher ya go.
DON'T solder wires to relay, they do fail and need replacement. You can also overheat the inside making it fail instantly or sooner. Use proper spade terminals, ideally a relay connector making relay replacement a simple unplug then plug in new one…super easy

John Larkins says:

Can this setup be used for rear suspension air bags? How would you regulate the pressure? Thanks.

Clerisson Mesquita says:

Great job, well done, thank you so much for your invaluable information, highly appreciate it, keep it up the outstanding work.

Mick Attardo says:

does the heat from the engine negatively affect the performance or amount of time you can use the compressor before it gets too hot and shuts off?

Sam Garofalo says:

Video on the tank type and installation available??

DaBuick says:

Thanks for the video, trying to find space on my truck is challenge, I'll try to fit my compressor in the engine bay too.

Chris Melton says:

I thought I'll check this video since there aren't many on board air write-ups for 2nd gens. First thing I noticed is the tag on the compressor is the specs for both combined I believe since it's a dual compressor kit. The compressor can really be mounted whenever but you can relocate the air intake to a dryer spot. The wiring and install job is done pretty good. I have a 7 gallon tank I believe off an older 2 ton truck using the bracket and it's attached to my receiver hitch. I have the compressor back there too. I also add a triple gauge pod to my truck on my dash for trans and boost, added an air pressure gauge in the empty spot.

Clint Peterson says:

Do it hurt mount on its side

johnny mack says:

Thanks for this. I am going to do somewhat the same. As I have a old argon tank I can no longer get filed. And use it as a air tank. Then plum a compressor to it.

daniel c says:

I have a question I got one blue wire connected to the battery and I have another wire connected to my black ground wire in my 65 Chevy Impala when I try to reconnect it my airbag situation is not working.can someone help me troubleshoot my wiring set up

086agent says:

A non-hack job that preserves the vehicle's integrity as much as possible, is a job well done. Noting the video's age, this looks like a time-tested successful video and install.

Niko G says:

You should never mount Viair compressor or any compressors sideways or upside down they will make your compressor break down and stop working cause they way the piston is inside the head of the motor and water from moisture can be trapped to cause damage to your compressor….Just sayin…………

car guy vlogs says:

Helped me so thank you

Jose Patino says:

So how do I connect the other pump if I have two

HardMF says:

Any issues from the pump being in the engine bay? Has heat caused any issues?

wayne walker says:

Yeah Man, I'm just seeing this great Job Dude !!!!!

Cameron Skaggs says:

You had the best video I've seen yet I got stuck at the relay I don't understand electrical I have to keep watching to understand it

Allan Wagner says:

u should mount hte compressor upright
it will last much longer

alexxx says:

Very well done video

Andrei Fasola says:

Great video. What's the smallest air tank that the compressor could work with? I wanna do this on a Prius to prep it for some heavy load in the rear., 100kg ish at the hitch. Any idea how many minutes would take to lift the rear (roughly speaking) to stock with a small tank? Just trying to get some ball park numbers to see what's doable.

Benedicto Bulatao says:

Well presented, 5 stars!!

Osvaldo Rivero says:

BRAVO !!!!!!

T. C. says:

Didn't hear it work?

Mani Rakwal says:

Mate been using this compressor from 2-3 weeks now the compressor is heating when i start it and after few minutues the compressor slows down and stops

Joey izzo-jarrett says:

What air intake do you have? I like where it’s located.

santana6678 says:

Hey if you could please reply to me i'd really appreciate it.I've been searching for that pack that you showed in your video that came with all these T Fittings, I'm having an extremely hard time finding that 1/4 ''Threaded T'' Fitting that you connected your pressure switch. If you could get back to me mahalo.I've just purchased the dual Viair 444c.

Jeramy Smith says:

What is the air compressor used for on your vehicle. I could not figure out the purpose?

Code 3 Response Videos says:

Those specs on the compressor are wrong! That is for a 2 pack of compressors. Your amperage and output is divided by 2 when you only buy one compressor!!! Half the amps half the cfm!!

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