GlowShift | How To Install A 1994-1997 Dodge Ram 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Triple Gauge Package

GlowShift | How To Install A 1994-1997 Dodge Ram 5.9L 12 Valve Cummins Triple Gauge Package

This installation video will show you how to install a 7 Color Series Triple Gauge Package into any 1994-1997 Dodge Ram 5.9L 12 valve Cummins.
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This gauge package features a Diesel Boost Gauge and EGT Pyrometer Gauge, with the third option of a Fuel Pressure Gauge or Trans Temp Gauge. Our Cummins gauge package also comes with a Dodge Ram Pillar Gauge Pod created specifically for the factory A-pillar of any 1994-1997 5.9L Cummins. We selected this set based on feedback from our Tech Team, who recommended these gauges and pod as being the optimal choices for the 94-97 2nd Gen 5.9L Cummins. For the purpose of this demo we also use a 1996 Cummins 12v.

00:00 – Intro
00:20 – Tools List & Getting Started
00:45 – Boost Line Install
01:45 – EGT Probe Install
03:35 – Fuel Pressure Sensor Install
05:05 – Trans Temp Sensor Install
07:15 – Preparing the Gauge Pod
10:15 – Wiring The Gauges
12:40 – Installing The Pillar Pod
15:43 – Powering The Gauges
19:09 – Outro

We kick off the installation of this Cummins gauge set with the Boost Pressure Gauge, running the included Boost Line to the intake port on the driver’s side of the intake manifold under the intake horn. From there we move on to installing the EGT probe by drilling into the exhaust manifold. If you purchased the Fuel Pressure Gauge, we show you how to install the Fuel Pressure Sensor using the optional Banjo Bolt & Snubber Valve Adapter. We remove the factory Banjo Bolt from the injection pump on the driver’s side of the engine and insert the adapter and sensor. For the Transmission Temperature Gauge, we insert the optional Transmission Test Port Extender with the Transmission Temperature Sensor into the Transmission Test Port. Once the sensors and fittings are in place we add all three gauges to the Cummins triple pillar gauge pod, followed by the installation of the pod to the Dodge Ram’s factory A-pillar. This video walks you through every detail of this process step-by-step and provides a complete breakdown of everything needed to install these Cummins gauges and Cummins gauge pod.

Optional Accessories:
12v Cummins Banjo Bolt –
Snubber Valve –
Banjo Bolt & Snubber Valve Combo Adapter –
Transmission Test Port Extender –
3 Gauge Wiring Kit (Power Wires Only) –
3 Gauge Wiring Kit (Power & Sensor Wires) –
Drill & Tap Kit:
Mini Expandable Circuit & 4 Amp Fuse
Low Profile Mini Expandable Circuit & 4 Amp Fuse

GlowShift’s 7 Color Gauge Series features the option of the Tinted, Black, or White 7 Color Series. The Tinted 7 Series comes with a stealth-like tinted lens and black gauge face; the Black 7 Series has a black gauge face and magnified clear lens, and the White 7 Series comes with a white gauge face and magnified clear lens. All 7 Color Gauges come standard with ultra-bright analog LED displays, microprocessor-controlled stepper motor technology which allows for extremely accurate gauge readings and incredibly smooth needle movement, selectable 7 color LED through dial lighting, and an illuminated red needle that sweeps 270 degrees.

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WARNING: This demonstration is meant to be a guideline. All vehicles are different and professional assistance is highly recommended for installing any gauge. As with all of our products, we recommend testing the gauge before beginning the install process.



Mayhew503 says:

please be more specific on where to drill for the egt probe. i just picked a flat spot and drilled it and hit the divider of the two airways. now i have to weld it shut and re drill

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