Front Crank Case Seal Install: 5.9L/6.7L Dodge Cummins

Front Crank Case Seal Install: 5.9L/6.7L Dodge Cummins

Thoroughbred Diesel is an authorized Cummins Dealer and your source of diesel stock parts for your Dodge Diesel. Watch our video for 1989-2007 Dodge diesel crank seal kit installation.

Watch us install a stock replacement front crank seal kit on a 2001 Dodge Cummins.

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0:00 Front Crank Case Seal
0:58 Removal
14:32 Harmonic Balancer
15:27 Front Cover Removal
20:20 Front Crank Seal Installation
29:07 Installing Wear Sleeve
38:04 Permatex Cover

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eric hctransportation says:

Thanks for great video save me a lot money, were I can buy those parts and tools?

Austin Long says:

For the 2006 do I have to replace the whole cover in order to replace the ccv filter/canister?

musclepharm867 says:

How much would you charge to do this job?

Chris Conley says:

Thank you for not editing out the challenges, like the harmonic balancer removal, too many video's edit difficulties, therefore editing the process of solving those difficulties. It takes great effort to for an experienced mechanic to put themselves in the mindset of the inexperienced and not skip over some minor but important details. Great job, thanks again, Chris

Timothy M Roberts says:

Great video Wade. Answered many questions I have except one. Can you do a video on removal of work wear sleeve? I have a 96 that has one needing replacement. Thanks

Mike Evans says:

Great video! You do need a new camera man! Lol

Jim Mungai says:

On that where sleeve they got those coatings that helps prevent where diamond like coding is one of them and there’s other companies out there that do coatings also I bet you would make that sleeve last indefinitely and you won’t have to ever change it again anyway just an idea this is six in a row jim saying have a good day from Kennerdell PA

scusemethankyou says:

I've seen other ways to do this job, but THIS guy goes through every process! I watched the video 3 times before I started and had to revisit some parts as I was doing the job. I'm glad that I ordered the crank repair sleeve because my crank snout was really worn (at only 228,000 miles!), causing a monster oil leak. The Ford permatex and the LocTite 545 worked beautifully. Installed a KDP kit and a water pump while I had it apart. Thanks for such an informative video, sir!

Doug Anderson says:

do yourself a favour and pull the fan drive pully off and use a socket on that one bolt. real easy and saves the massive pain when that bolt strips.

Lloyd Tomilloso says:

Do you have to drain engine oil before replacing the front crankshaft seal?

XxReApEr7xX says:

I ordered my seal with wear sleeve but there was another seal with it. what is the additional seal for?

David Jensen says:

Part number for the pcv canister can't find the part on the web site is it called something eles

Joe g says:

So how did you get off the balancer??

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