Dodge RAM 1500 Noisy Rear Differential Diagnose and Repair part Three

Dodge RAM 1500 Noisy Rear Differential Diagnose and Repair part Three

This is part 3 and final video for the repair titled: ” How to diagnose and repair Rear Differential Noise on Dodge RAM 1500 Pick-up Trucks”.
This video shows how to Install the Pinion back on the Differential and How to Set the correct Pinion Bearing Pre-load.
It also explains how to install a new Pinion Seal.
This video also shows how to set the correct Backlash on the Ring and Pinion using a Dial Indicator and how to Pre-load the Differential Carrier Bearings.
It also shows how to install new wheel seals.
We also have a video where our Pretty Tech Jo explains how to Press the Pinion Bearing on and off, this is the link to the video:

Pinion Bearing failure is a common problem on Dodge 1500 Pick-up Trucks, specially if the Gear Oil is not changed at the recommended intervals set by the Manufacturer. You have to realize that there is no filter in the differential, and any metal particles will circulate in the gear oil affecting all the moving parts.

Another way to extend the life of the Differential components on these trucks is to Change the Differential oil after the initial break-in period for new trucks, which is between 3,000 and 5,000 miles.

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Ashley Henson says:

Best video on YouTube about auto repairs hands down finally someone who knows what they are doing. Will be subscribing to this. Channel

Buddy B says:

Can someone help please . Replaced all 4 diff bearing and races and I put everything together. I think i have inedequate backlash. When I step off the excellarator there is a sound like something is rubbing. Could it be because the ring gear is too close to the pinion gear. Please help anyone

Rodney Slivinski says:

Great video. Any clips of installing the spider gears? Mine were tight and difficult to line up for the slide pin when reinstalling..

Buddy B says:

Your instructions are so clear. Thank you much

Mike Williams says:

I have a question for you maybe you could help. My crush sleeve I got in my kit looks a lot different than the one I took off. They’re about the same size but the one in the kit has a concave bump in the middle opposed to a convex Bump in the middle. Do you think they’ll be any issues with that? Thank you for the video!

Darrin Koone says:

Thanks. I learned a lot. Loved the added info on checking backlash in at least two places to verify wear on the ring gear. Also on the Backlash wrench. Great Idea….

John Coffey says:

I got the same problem, thanks to you I can now do it all. Thanks

Simon M Ortiz says:


DangerDaveFreestyle says:

This was extremely informative and enjoyable to watch. On this particular model in addition to setting the backlash adjustment of the ring gear as it meshes against the pinion gear and setting your bearing preload my question is………did you have to set the pinion gear depth…….and did you have to use gear paste to check the mesh pattern of the gears?


My fathers 2002 1500 4×4 had a gear to gear creak noise when turning changed pinion bearings axle bearing and races due to excesive bearing play….now creaking is straight and turning found out lack of friction modifier additive wore limited slip clutch packs on both axle gears so when driven and they heat up they stick together until they cool it gets stuck into a posi state.

travis leiske says:

So that's why I'm trying to ask that question a different way

travis leiske says:

How do you do that when you don't have that fancy tool explain me

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