Dodge Cummins 6.7L EGR Delete Full Install 2010-2020

Dodge Cummins 6.7L EGR Delete Full Install 2010-2020

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Eliminates soot build up and clogged EGR Valves•Coolant tempatures run cooler because they are not running thru EGR Cooler•Hot exhaust gasses are not being re-routed back into the motor•Coolant re-route hose included (no blocked off coolant hoses)•Completely replaces EGR Valve & EGR Cooler, No other parts required for installation•Includes transmission dipstick and coolant hose bracket•Includes detailed installation instructions• Exhaust manifold plates are tapped for EGT probe

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Mods done to the Truck!
EFI Live DSP5 Switch Idaho Rob
K&N Cold Air Intake
Billet Turbo Wheel upgrade
FASS Titanium 150GPH Lift Pump
FASS Fuel Sump Kit
MBRP 3inch Turbo Down pipe
Magnaflow 5 inch turbo back
Cat/muffler delete
Onboard Oil Filtration System
PPE Race fuel valve
Ported fuel fitting
Transgo Jr Shift Kit
Resonator Delete
Egr Delete
Egr Cooler delete
PVC Reroute
PPE Stage 5 Built Transmission
Zone off-road upper control arms
PPE Stage 3 HD Tie Rods
6″ Pro-comp suspension lift kit
5100 Bilstien Shocks
20×12 Vision Prowlers -51 offset

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LZJ Ranch's Hiawatha Hideout! by WindWalker Akaltee says:

Just curious, why not just unplug the wiring connector to the EGR valve and use a delete tuner and forget all the wrenching?

Spencer j says:

The open intake hose with all the small parts coming off was giving me anxiety lol

Anders D says:

Go ahead and do this if you want a piss poor running truck and fines from your local law enforcement…Where I live, too much black smoke will get you pulled over, fined, and a fix-it ticket. Kind of defeats the purpose of saving money with more power and better mileage…

Cody Royal says:

what brand is he using here?

SMOKE AB says:

So no computer programming was required?

EvPV says:

and no delete in the ecm??? so just gonna run around with an engine light in your eyes??cool cool cool

EvPV says:

worried about some gasket material and soot goin in the plenum but not concerned about the wide open intake pipe direct to the turbo lol

hlinn0518 says:

Just curious, did it throw any codes from deleting the EGR?

hector ortiz says:

Did y’all drain the coolant?

Mike P says:

Any tuning required?

ron hemming says:

Witch tuner and tune did you use

Shane Dean says:

When doing the EGR delete does this cause the check engine light to come on?

Blessed Bros says:

Great job looks like fun, I have a question I just got a 2018 to do the EGR delete do it have to tune the truck after is done? Or is just delete and go back to driving? Thanks for the help in advance.

johnny nixon says:

And also do you have to replace your hoe itself when you delete it

johnny nixon says:

When you delete the deathview deathfield how do you delete it out of your computer where it won't keep trying to read it

Nelson Graber says:

How do you install the EGT probe in the EGR delete?

Thor's Hammer says:

Thank you! Good info.

capatri81 says:

Good afternoon! Could you help me to solve the problem of my Dodge Ram 3500 Laramie 6.7L Dually. I have these codes to resolve: U011A – P242F – P1451 – P1011 – P000F – P0087 – the turbo and manifold have already been replaced

Rodel Damasin says:

Is it good that you did not take off the catalytic converters in put a straight pipe?I mean so you still using the def fluid?

Leonard Dilts says:

Can you do an ERG delete without doing the DPF delete?

Jim Mungai says:

I appreciate you guys want to get rid of that EGR but you know what that’s right under the hood it’s quickly noticeable fits not there but I mean is the little Commies who might look under your hood and see that’s gone well then you’re gonna start digging leave that piece and put a block off plate over the exhaust manifold this is six in a row jim From Kennerdell a Pennsylvania

Jean Carlos Ruiz says:

When I removed the egr ..I don’t need to tune it?

Derrick Watson says:

Did you have to use any tuner to prevent a check engine light

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