This Amazing 1968 Chrysler 300 Convertible Made Me Fall In Love With C-Bodies

This Amazing 1968 Chrysler 300 Convertible Made Me Fall In Love With C-Bodies

It had to happen sooner or later. Commenters ask for more C-bodies all the time, and tell me that I need to add one to my fleet. I’ve always found them excessively large, but now I’m starting to come around to that point of view. These things are great. They’re smooth, comfortable, and some of them – like this beautiful 300 – are extremely well styled. When I first saw the pointy nose, I thought it was awkward, but it quickly grew on me. Of course, I think ’68 was the high water mark for Chrysler Corporation across the line. But there’s definitely something special about this late 300.



@SolamenteVees says:

Round side-markers make everything better, and all Chrysler products in 1968 had ‘em.

@rickrice3221 says:

Nice car – thanks for sharing! The wobble is because she doesn’t like the RWL tiles and wants white walls. Sorry, I may be projecting an attitude I developed around, say, 1970…

@BillMcDevitt-yg8yr says:

Jamie, Your taste just keeps going up! My Dad and I restored a 1968 Dodge Polara convertible in the 80s with a 375 hp 440. Awesome car and similar body style. Mine was a sky blue with a white top.

@samhicks97 says:

Take a step further into the C body niche category into the Forward look category.

The design flair on some FL cars are nothing short of art on wheels.
Take the 1960 Dodge Matador for example.

@thinairdiesel3158 says:

I have a 4dr ‘67 Newport and I much rather prefer it over my 70 satellite. The fact the Chrysler’s 383 is now turbocharged makes it much more fun but the C body is definitely a better quality car. It’s also my daily driver until winters come.

@kencooper2059 says:

Beautiful car!

@joelsmith7868 says:

I love that Imperial….i believe that was video that encouraged me to click your channel…..your wonderfully flamboyant personality makes me stay!

@patricklynch1962 says:

I've been in love with C-bodies since I was eight years old (1970) the first time I saw my uncle's '67 Sport Fury fast top. It became my car in the early 80's. Drove it for 13 years. Today I drove my '68 Fury VIP to a Cars and Coffee also a fast top. Rather than a boat, I think of these cars more as starships with the space age dashboards/interiors. Of all the cars I've ever driven, a slabside C-body would always be my first choice.

@Bradydog-in7ut says:

Love the big 60’s Chryslers. When they’re right it’s like rolling on a dream!

@Friedbrain11 says:

That is a beautiful example of a '68 Chrysler 300.

@jimchik says:

If that rusted out 300 does indeed have the center console as it seemed to, if it’s saveable, it’d be great to swap it into drop-top.

@79ltd says:

The 68 300 was a beautiful car. Even in 1968 they really stood out. There was one in my small home town . A convertible. Some how it was always in the local parades.

@camerondouglas4162 says:

Ever heard "Love Shack" by the B-52's? This car is in it.

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