How to Replace the thermostat on the Chrysler Sebring 1995 – 2006

How to Replace the thermostat on the Chrysler Sebring 1995 – 2006

Do you need to Replace the thermostat
on your Chrysler Sebring 1995 to 2006 but don’t know where to start? This video tutorial shows you step-by-step how to do it!

Our Chrysler Sebring 1995 to 2006 manual covers petrol and diesel engines, and includes videos for some of the most common jobs, which you can see here in this playlist. Get the full manual

What’s covered: 
Chrysler Sebring 1995 – 2006
Dodge Avenger 1995 – 2000
Dodge Stratus 2001 – 2006

Does not include information specific to Flexible Fuel Vehicles



Frank Ybarra says:

all this to change a thermostat?

lb14188 says:


Valentino Cerda says:

This is not covering 2.4L, this is for the 2.7L.

JayFloPro says:

While it's always been cool that it says 1995 – 2006 to show that you can do this for those specific year models however my sebring is an 06 and it's in a different location and the housing is shaped different which mean that the juggle nozzle is positioned different and the seal is shaped different also.

Brebeuf Garcia says:

Dump the car!

Brandon Maxwell says:

Really a great video! Sad the engineers put it in a hard to reach place.

Chris Mason says:

Liked & subbed, thank you for making this

pocoloco says:

All this to replace my thermostat? Screw me

firefalcon100 says:

um..wrong coolant type…. this chrysler takes what is essentially dexcool.. yes i know that's the gm brand name. same stuff only got a mopar name to it. should be orange.. not green

Randy Browning says:

Is this process the same on a 02 Sebring convertible model?

Lincoln Fong says:

engineering for complex access to once simple task of replacing thermostat is at the level of criminal designs

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