How to install a Mopar Body Kit 2015 Chrysler 200

How to install a Mopar Body Kit 2015 Chrysler 200

In this video I install the Mopar body kit as seen at SEMA.



Trevor Wolf says:

Add the link for the parts

Nathalia Aguilar says:

Ok I’m on the dad side of YouTube. Haha. I’m new to the car scene and I absolutely love this tutorial. I feel like an idiot, I have no idea what I’m doing but I got to this video and I was like “ok I think I got it now”

Hajji Hinds says:

Where’d you get the body kit? Price, link?

Brandon Garcia says:

Please for the love of god and all that is holy can someone send me a link of where to order these for my car lol or reply with a link I don’t want to order the wrong stuff

David Damore says:

Please send links to the full kit you got

carlos montalvo says:

Can you share the links where you buy the parts??

King Storm718 says:

I hear all the bad talk on the 200 but I like it

Proppa Doc says:

Love the look and wanting to remove the bumper grill to install a new mod grill with fog lights. is there a video?

Jeremy Smith says:

Where did you order your body kit from and could you send me a link please. Thanks!

mememe mememe says:

I have 2015 200s. The weight on driver side plate says 4700 lbs which I think is quite heavy. What do you think?

boardskins says:

Sick looking 200. Congrats!

UK NW says:

This is amazing

Emperor Calus says:

I need that front splitter. It makes the car look 100 times better. Does it come in billet silver?

Derick Korboi says:

Where did you get your parts from?

Big Salty says:

your pizza choices make me question your sanity but very helpful body lit guide

Leonard Peoples says:

Where do you look for the mopar body kit?

Brian James says:

Smashed my lower right bumper in below the headlight.. Would body kit cover that up so i wouldn't have to replace whole bumper?

ctdope says:

Going to buy an S AWD 3.6 soon. Looked up the body kit from this video, from Mopar, all parts are DISCONTINUED !!!! Thats messed up. I guess they always want you to buy new to get nice things instead of used a few years later..

merl the wizard says:

Wow, id be scared to do that to my car. Im not that handy.

C-KicksXL says:

Do you have a part number for what you purchased.

Legend Edits says:

I’ve seen people have body kits on the older body style like mine but can never find it do you possibly have a site that you might be able to send me to?

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