Dodge / Chrysler ABS module replacement ESP BAS fix

Dodge / Chrysler  ABS module replacement ESP BAS fix

Step by step how to replace the ABS module that causes the c2200 code as well as ABS ESP BAS and traction control lights to come on. This applies to Dodge caravan , Chrysler town and country, and many jeep vehicles



sseryoga says:

Hi Might be better to have your original part repaired at
Here is service link

S says:

Might be better to have your original part repaired at

Here is the service link

Dana Mccarty says:

I didn't see your Amazon link that you said that being the description

Daniel Rodriguez says:

Thank you very much for this video

John M Snyder says:

Could you post a link of what website you purchased it from?

Adventures with John says:

well if you live in cleveland like I do. The bottom two screws are going to be welded on there. Any attempt to get them off with result in stripping the head of that rusted torx screw. The funny thing is the same one. bottom right screw stripped when I tried to take it off the ebay pick a part module too. Guess it is time to get the dremel out and start doing dentistry to it.

Brenda Fanning says:

My ABS and trac off lights came on today. Not reading any codes though. Sensor or module?

Big Odeku says:

If you bought the exact same module part number, you shouldn't need to program it, it will kick in by itself after a short drive and all light will go off. But if your part number is different then you'd need coding 100%

Ernie Pribik says:

When you replace the ABS module did it make all four lights go off and did your speedometer start working

Clifton Williams says:

Did this on my 2008 Jeep Compass with a new unit bought online. Took it to the dealer to flash it and they told me it was bad because their computer couldn't connect to it.


My started flashing after 2 days

Curt Thompson says:

Yup get rid of it. Garbage! Dealer was going to charge $1200 for a $350 part and 1/2 hour repair. Goes to show how dishonest dealerships are!

Danny Anonymous says:

anyone done this on an 04 pacifica?

Alfred Thompson says:

Got 2 of these and I love them never get rid of them

fernando13e says:

Hello, did you required any vin coding on the new module? Im doing the same replacement on a 2014 Journey SXT with the 2.4L, old module had the C2200 code, swapped the module with a new one and now im having a Vehicle Mismatch Number code :(, looked for the module information and with the old one i can read the VIN number, but with the new one i cant, cant initialize the module either scan tool throws an error "Unable to initialize ESP sensor". Module is brand new.

Edgar Garcia says:

Same thing happened to me a week ago on my 08 chrysler 300c srt8 the same 4 lights came on i got the code (c2200) all i did was turned my car on (did not drive it) sit in my car for about 10-15min (all 4 lights would turn on once i hit 12mph) and they went away. The lights have not returned. Try that before you spend your money.

Dennis Adkins says:

Will a "user" module reset itself you think? Thanks.

Кимберли б says:

Thank you for this video. The dealership was kind enough to offer to do the job for $1600. I followed your instructions and bought the part for $267. But after, my lights or audible alarm would not stop even after I drove it 200 miles. I had to go to the dealer to have it programmed which was $165. Still cheaper to do it myself though! I have a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country.

Charles Havard says:

mine was changed right before i bought it, and it say wrong vin/mismaching vin. the used one will need the vin programed in. im still trying to figure out how.

n a says:


Arabu Miroiu says:

Hei bro , can you Tell me where i can Buy that module ? Sorry for Bad English

john miller says:

I almost past out when you said $1200.00, Can’t imagine what they would of said for my jk. Thank you for this video.

Wounded Ego says:

Impressive detail about the torx driver…

n a says:

BULLSHIT you drive 12 miLes or “100 miLes” it doesn’t reset nor does the Lights go off. I have a dodge chaLLenger 2010

icky007 says:

How do you test the wheel speed sensors?

Ladevin Washington says:

Does the new abs control module need to be reprogrammed?

Bob Smith says:

where is the part number info? I fixed mine by taking a hex head screw driver to the under side of the steering wheel. It made the lights go off and all is working fine except the main problem of the ABS must be stuck as it sounds like a loud scraping noise. Like he brakes are scraping. I changed all the brakes, pads, rotors, calipers and is still making the sound as if the ABS isn't working but lights are not on. Not sure if it is the module.

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