Chrysler Town & Country: Rotted Out Spark Plugs?

Chrysler Town & Country: Rotted Out Spark Plugs?

In a previous video we had a look ata T&C that came in with a rusty oil pan and a misfire. Easy fix, just needs a coil and some plugs. What could go wrong? Hold my coffee….

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capnskiddies says:

I was wondering why cow & horse hoofing vids kept popping up in the recommended vids. It's YOU! You're to blame for my newfound agricultural knowledge.

John Bucher says:

Congratulations Mrs. O on your harvest!
If you guys were to record hunting content I would watch it.

Jonathan Johnson says:

Glad I'm not the only who got sucked into cow hoof videos lol.

Noise Ache says:

Check out 'Nate the hoof guy' Eric. He's great.

Brad Noyes says:

What you call the extraction drawer, we call the "Oh Sh*t Drawer". Ours also contains a Dremel tool and is right below the "Kinetic Persuasion" Drawer (Hammer Drawer).

Laurence French says:

nice extraction, can't tell you how many times I let the machine shop do it for me

James Newberry says:

Thanks so much for the channel. Thankfully we don't have that much rust in my part of the world!!!!!

don lum says:

Highly recommend replacing wires & plugs every 75k miles. I always antisieze plugs never had issues. Have 446k on jeep. 180k on this engine. On 3.8L run wires over engine. Factory runs wires behind engine is ridiculous to do and pain if wire goes bad.

pork chop says:

Always remember our air raid siren as a kid. I always wonder where it went when they knocked down the old GE factory where my father worked. Great video as always Eric. Please, take as much deer as you can, saves a lot of front ends.

E J says:

"The worst part about lunch……going back to work!"

Ken Eagle says:

Looks like it could use some rocker cover gaskets as well.

Dons Stuff Channel says:

I watch the hoofgp lol

Phillip Schutter says:

Those red clips are always clocked in the wrong position and saturated with heat so they crumble when looked at too hard

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