Chrysler 62TE Solenoid Pack Replacement PART 1

Chrysler 62TE Solenoid Pack Replacement PART 1

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Link to this video: Chrysler 62TE solenoid pack replacement Part 1

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Chris Fongeallaz says:

Is the solenoid that has has the clip that dends to brake the c solenoid? Or is that part of the pack?

Hello Fresh says:

Got a 2011 Caravan with a P0750 code, what's the most common repair for this trouble code?

Joel Rivera says:

David thanks for taking you time and do this for us! I have a Dodge Journey 2016 and while I was driving check engine light went on and the car is now on limp mode I went to auto zone to get it check and they code that came up was P084A. I need help with this.

Osiel Carizales says:

Thanks it really helped me out

Abdo Alhussein says:

That's what I wanted to know, thank you very much, please can you tell me about the left side of the transmission pan. thanks again

Yassine Sadkhi says:

Friend, this is one of the best videos I've seen, very careful explanation, thank you so much for putting the time to do it.

Miguel Gonzalez says:

Can you recommend any body in Houston

papa bits says:

Would you not be better off switching out the lock up solinoid anyway, knowing there a failure part. Great content,keep up the great work.


hi gary here from melbourne . my custmer car feat fremont not changing gear. i scan the car and fond 2 code p1745 p0868. i already chang solenoide pack . but still same code and car no shfiting gear . any help

Armando Rodriguez says:

Excelente video y muy bien explicado, gracias!!!!

Noah Kuzel says:

Those where the easiest transmission cooler lines ever.

Hubert Puetz says:

great explanations

Andreti Giovaneti says:

Is it necessary to disconnect the negative terminal on the battery before starting ?

Kyle Post says:

How do you check temp sensor just replaced a trans and am getting code

Michael Burgess says:

Some kind of old nine Chrysler Town and Country that won't go into drive reverse is strong no Drive what could that be

Kelvin Lopez says:

Than you ! Good information on this video.

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