Chrysler 300 ANDROID HEAD UNIT OEM Style Tesla 2005-2010 Install DIY Part 4

Chrysler 300 ANDROID HEAD UNIT OEM Style Tesla 2005-2010 Install DIY Part 4

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Deonte Swain says:

How long did the radio take to ship out?

Chase Babcock says:

Did u have to get the module for the after market amp or does the touring not come with an aftermarket amp ? Thanks for the video bro helps alot

Bronco Fan says:

Easiest install I've ever done. Thanks for linking this product.

Michel Enriquez says:

Hey where I can buy??

. says:

What's the link for the headunit?

Teaman1974 says:

I've got similar in my facelift 300c. Had to manufacture brackets.
Appears to be better than my mygig unit.

The only thing I'm wanting to do is use my rear camera whilst driving And listen to music at the same time..

There's also an update somewhere to change the speedo display to mph instead of kph.
Door opening signal is not uk set. Not a problem as eyes work well.

I ran my back up camera cable down the center consol. Lot easier than popping off plastics

Tommygun5224 ! says:

How do I change the km/h to mph?

Juan Navarro #1 says:

I’ve been wanting to get this unit but I’ve heard a lot of people saying it’s not compatible with the stock Boston audio? Please let me know

bigdanwess says:

Hi, music sound quality is important for me so how is it ? And thanks for this series, very interesting !

m k says:

can you post a video of the display and the functions in the display

m k says:

excellent video, I have a Chrysler 300 2007 model and planning to order one, it might be a dumb question, Can I sync my iphone via bluetooth?

John M Snyder says:

Seriously thinking about getting one of these!! Thanks for the video help! Only question I have is can you instill apps through the play store?

Tom Carrell says:

If I get the one without the backup camera would the install be the same for a 2006 Chrysler 300 touring?

haitiasoldie says:

Do they email you when you order it
Cus I have received anything from them
How long did it take you to get your radio

Snacks TV says:

Does this have Apple Carplay, and is this a trustable seller ???

Alan Soler says:

Great job on that head unit!! Do you know if the lights for the temperature controls can be replaced? I have some spots that aren't kit up on my 2006 300C SRT8. MY EMAIL address is


What if my steering wheel has controls for the radio does it come with cables for that

john smith says:

looks like a easy install…

Mad Peddler says:

Place the GPS and WiFi sensor in the center dash speaker cavity if it's empty.

Sinister Silverado says:

does it have fm radio built in

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