Hey guys! Today we take a look at a 2012 Chrysler 200 with a 2.4l 4 cylinder engine. The customer complaint is that the car will randomly die or stall out. The customer also is complaining of low power or weak acceleration. Using the scan tool we find DTC P2174 Low airflow /restriction detected (Instantaneous accumulation) stored in the PCM. During my diagnostic process I ran across something very interesting. The scan tool showed that the voltage for the APP sensor 2 would randomly drop down to zero. When I compared it to the actual voltage using a graphing voltmeter, the signal was not dropping out. Is this normal? or is this something to be concerned about? Watch until the end of the video to find out!
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xj31 says:

You need to look harder in service info, " The signal for APP 2 is also used by the PCM for an internal ground check. This test runs a couple of times per second and is the reason why the APP 2 signal spikes to ground regularly during normal operation".
I'm just messing with you, it's hard to find that info but if you look at the chart for P2127-ACCELERATOR PEDAL POSITION SENSOR 2 CIRCUIT LOW, they explain it there.

Simon flores says:

I didn't know throttle body gets hungover LOL keep on with your videos nice video

Ahmad Ghosheh says:

Very interesting

No name YouTube says:

Hi question brother. I have Ram 1500 , it has p0305 p0306. The first when it start it has weak spark for like 5s then the spark disappears on those 2 cylinder. So my question what cause that problem, wiring or ecm. Friend of my said this , the internal problem can cause that happens too, is it true for Chrysler system? Because others cars even if it has internal engine problem still have strong spark right. Thanks

Fred Salter says:

Eric again for the grand win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Durcan says:

…for us mere mortals, its good to see that sometimes even the Pros have trouble finding the cause of the problems and also good to see that you did actually resolve it. I guess if it was too easy all of the time, you'd be out of a job! Appreciate the video ☝

Rick roel says:

Holy crap. How did he get 172k miles out of a Chrysler 200. He hit the lottery that maybe the worst car ever made.

HouseCallAutoRepair says:

Thanks Eric! Never seen that issue, but at least now, if I do…

General George S. Patton Jr. says:

They're trash, had one and it was the worst vehicle I've ever owned

Michael Leon says:

Man that's crazy…i chased the same issue with drop outs on my wife's kia!! Drove me nuts!!! Was never able to duplicate the issue of the headlights not working but the problem has never come back after cleaning the bcm connector…the drop outs are still there even with 3 different scan tools.

Dylan says:

You need to clean the throttle body

Jesse Cortez says:

I had the same voltage drop glitch on an APP sensor on a 2013 Audi. Tried another app sensor and found it did the same thing.

Neil Murphy says:

The way that engine revs up seems like the throttle body needs to be cleaned

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