Mass Airflow Sensor – 1999-2006 5.3L Chevy Silverado (Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, etc.)

Mass Airflow Sensor – 1999-2006 5.3L Chevy Silverado (Sierra, Tahoe, Yukon, etc.)

On this episode of Fear No Fix, Jim and Chris replace the Mass Airflow Sensor (MAF) in a 5.3L Chevrolet Silverado (model years 1999-2006*).

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Fix Details:

Tool list and general repair steps here:

•Socket set:
• Flat head screwdriver:

DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) associated with this fix:
• P0101

* Fix may also apply to the following vehicles:
1999 – 2006 GMC Sierra
2002 – 2006 Cadillac Escalade
2000 – 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe
2000 – 2006 GMC Yukon
2000 – 2006 Chevrolet Suburban
2001 – 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche
2007 Silverado Classic
2007 Sierra Classic



WHAT'S IN THE BOX!!! says:

Does brands matter for 2002 silverado. Should I stay with a oem brand Delphi

Wade Parker says:

How do you clear the check engine light? Thank you

Miguel Irausquin Brett says:

I changed mine and the engine doesn't run properly. I disconnected the maf cable and runs well. What could that be? Could that be that it's not the proper maf sensor?

bart benoit says:

My Tahoe stalled on me in the middle of traffic this morning and I panicked and brought my car to a shop near my job. Once they determined it was the MAF sensor I watched this video. Long story short, I got this done in 20min in my parking lot! Thank you!

Otomi76 Blas. says:

Thanks so much

John Hogan says:

Why only cover replacement. I have repaired many diferant codes and running issues with a simple clean of the sensor. My 96 suburban (not the same engine I know) was diagnosed at 3 separate garages with 3 diferant major repairs. I cleaned the maf and never had another problem.
$10 for a can of cleaner is my starting point.

Мартин Мартынов says:

Hello, great video I just replaced the mass air sensor and it went bad within a month, can you tell me if having a knn air filter would have an effect on the sensor by getting it dirty and failing?

Weston LeClair says:

Super easy, just need one tool…. Chris

Vaca Loca says:

Mechanic shop $450.00

Knuckles Xx. says:

i subscribed 2021 september, because they’re so specific. i love the detail to step by step

CrashFlow FPV says:

Great video would love to hear it run with a bad maf sensor then hear it again with the new one for reference

Reuven Lloyd says:

Is it possible that the MAF is going bad without a check engine light? Only have a rough idle, troubleshooting. Thanks guys!

Ronnie Black says:

My 05 Tahoe CE light came on twice a few months ago then went off. Soon after that I started having issues that slowly got worse and worse. Rough idle, stalling, lower RPMs, but they all happen when its up to operating temp. When the engine is cold, it runs like a top, no issues. The minute it hits 200-206 I get random misfires, stalling, etc. I changed the MAP, no change. I also bought a Temp Sensor. I was told you can test a MAF by unplugging it and if your issues are gone, you found the problem. IS this true?

diego de hoyos says:

Great job well done it helps thanks

ss_ carlos says:

Would it be mine if my trucks keeps turning off on me? Like I’ll give it gas but when I let off to break it then drops below 500rpms and tends to lose power until it actually dies

David Soto says:

Mine is a 6.0l chevy 1500hd n my trans n tcase went at the same time lol

Omar Marban says:

Quick question i have a air flow sensor from a 2002 sierra 5.3 would this be compatible with a 05 silverado 5.3

little fire says:

Why doesnt the 1990 Chevy Silverado have one?

Joe Smith says:

Ok for the at home me
Remove the entire hose…inside the big box
Oh,,,there's a real dirty filter…oh,, ,replace it….lol..
Its much easier to take the entire hose apart from the sensor..
Belive me….there's marks that fit the rubber gaskets and hose clamps back into proper place easy….put a new filter in protect that 112.00 part….lol…i am….

David Soto says:

Hey guys i need your opinion? I have a 2003 1500hd n everytime i push on the pedal n get to about 60km/hr my truck starts to surge n tries to stall till i hammer on the pedal

Bernard Gallacher says:

Very slick and simple. Great audio and video!

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