Installing QUICK COVERS on a rusty Chevy — Customer Install and Review

Installing QUICK COVERS on a rusty Chevy — Customer Install and Review

Nate , a Quick Covers customer, shows how easy it is to install a pair of slip on rocker covers onto his rusty Chevy Silverado.

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Dave Conley says:

How much they cost like pair my Silverado 2000 ext cab

Steve Chasteen says:

These are just a cover. Even the inhibitor isn't going to stop the rust. The other thing, and maybe most importantly is that rocker panels and the inner rocker panels are structural components that provide crash protection. I don't think plastic rockers are going to provide any crash protection. Bottom line is if it's worth repairing, do it right and maintain structural integrity.

D C says:

How fragile are the covers? After a year or more, have they cracked, faded or warped? Has the double-sided tape come loose?

Ranxerox Tx says:

Throwing good money to bad IMO can’t imagine doing this to my 97

towboatjeff says:

Bummer they dont have s10 covers

LeoSoul 7777 says:

Do they make quick covers for 2004 avalanche?…

SmithBill71 says:

Do they have SUV inner and outers, also?

shaffe1970 says:

I think I’d take a cut off wheel to most of that rust

Bill B says:

Appreciate the help!

Will Beake says:

polishing a turd

Juan López says:

How I can found it something like that ??

erwin fletcher says:

POR-15 seems like an appropriate choice instead of grease.

Dewey Spittler says:

What do you do if the inner rockers are rusted out too?

Nathan Shelinbarger says:

How far does the cab corner stick out from the body. I feel like it would look weird

Jack Baker says:

Do have cab corner quick cover for 92 f150 ext. Cab

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