Installing a New Radio & Speakers 1988-94 Chevy Truck #ETCGDadsTruck

Installing a New Radio & Speakers 1988-94 Chevy Truck #ETCGDadsTruck

This is (Episode 19) of the #ETCGDadsTruck Series.

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With the interior mostly out of the truck, and the engine off at the machine shop, I took the opportunity to install the radio and speakers in #ETCGDadsTruck. This video would be perfect if you’re considering installing one of these radios in your truck. I cover all the wiring and info you need to do the job.

Camera: Brian Kast, Eric Cook

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Santa Cruz Radio:

**Note: There is no “Newport” radio available for this vehicle. Instead you can choose between 2 feature sets on the above page, Hermosa Motor 2 or Long Beach Motor 4. The Hermosa Motor 2 is featured in this video.



Milwaukee 1/4” impact:

Milwaukee Underhood Light:

Power Probe:

Astro Crimp Tool:

Wirefy Crimpers:

Tesa Electrical Tape:

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SBF Guy says:

This is absolutely disgusting electrical engineering.

Jimmy Brownfield says:

I thought you said you was a car guy don't look like it to me first and foremost what are you doing gloves on that's it's been a sissy

Agent/Officer Thomas A. Porter D.P.O. says:

Eric, Great Install & So Glad You Got To Do It! 🙂 I Bought My GMC Sierra Pick Up 1991 Just 31 Years Ago Brand New & The Speakers Have Always Been Great. 7 Years Ago My Cassette Player w/Graphic Equalizer Went Out Then 6 Years Ago My Radio Went Out But Both Still Light Up. Ok, I am a Old School Man who years ago there were Junk Yards you went into & there was never a cover charge. You found what you needed & took it out & paid the Man with his Trusted Pup who ran & owned the Junk Yard a Dollar Or 5 or 10 Bucks for the small items like a Radio or Cassette player. No big deal. Today where have the Junk Yards gone? Ok there are a few from all 50 states & they only want to take recent model vehicles & parts from them & then put them on a computer listing. So for 7 years have missed all my Cassette tapes I still have & radio stations when I come into a City that still have Radio stations to broadcast from. Yes I have seen my Radio & Cassette player on Ebay & Amazon, ouch, before I pay what they are asking for. OMG I call it in simple terms HighWay Robbery. I have kept my GMC Pick-Up Truck in Minty Condition. It is my life line & living in Rual Mountains of America, has been a real void in my life without music to enjoy. I never have asked for much in my life, the basics have always been enough. So when something from the very basics in life becomes a void, it leaves one feeling empty inside. I just keep inside hoping & praying for that Radio & Cassette player to appear. I never have expected anyone to give me, as have always paid for what I have in life. Was just born & raised different. Have always been a Gifter Forward to others in the journey have & continue to live. If you know of anyone in your networked field of expertise, I would sure be thankful & grateful for the heads up Eric. always, Tommy 🙂

Gerland Kent says:

I've. got a 1989, GMC 1500 4×4 short bed TRUCK. 350 vortec

R Mmm says:

Definitely easier ways to install a new radio. No reason to not use the existing speaker wire and getting a 2 din kit with a nice GPS radio is the way to go. Just saying.

Ransom Lowery says:

What size are the speakers

Ernie Ray says:

Hey Eric, just found something the other day I think you will get a kick out of. The tool box (jack storage) compartment, the long bolt down into the floor you said was hard, had lock tight on it, if you look at the top of it it's a bolt……… you simply use a 9/32 I think, Took mine out in 10 seconds with a ratchet.

Justin Westfall says:

I just did it to my 88 Pro street Chevy 1500 took 45 mins

Justin Westfall says:

It is so much easier relocating your head unit to the center of your dash

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