How To Replace Spark Plugs And Wires | 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Engine 5.3L V8

How To Replace Spark Plugs And Wires | 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Engine 5.3L V8

How To Replace Spark Plugs And Wires | 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe Engine 5.3L V8

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How to replace spark plugs and wires on a 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L V8 will be covered in this video. However, it is important to note that this exact method applies to all Chevrolet 4.8L, 5.3L and 6.0L engines from models ranging from the year 2000 – 2014.

Also, the general techniques I use in this video can be applied to any make and model. The tools needed to do this job is as follows;

– A 3/8 rachet
– A 5/8 spark plug socket
– A 1” extension
– Copper-based anti-seize lubricant
– Dielectric grease
– Hose grip pliers
– An assortment of wobble extensions
– A 3/8 cordless rachet

The first step in this job is to disconnect the spark plug wires. Begin up top using a twist and pull method to remove them. The bottom wires can be tougher to remove because the spark plug boots are rubber and they like to grip that porcelain on the spark plug.

This is especially true if it has been a while since it has been tuned up. The best way to remove the lower spark plug wires is to twist back and forth to break that bond. It may take a minute but after twisting for a bit, then try to pull it off, it should come free.

This is where the hose grip pliers come in handy. If you don’t have enough room to get a good pull with your hand, use the hose grip pliers. Slip it around the boot, gently work it back and forth and you can use the exhaust manifold as leverage to pry back on and pull it loose.

Make sure to save the metal-insulator sleeves as you’re going to slip them onto the new wires. Don’t ruin these insulator sleeves as they protect the wires.

Now we go onto removing the spark plugs. Here is where you use the spark plug socket, wobble extension, and flex head rachet. You can do this without a flex head ratchet or a wobble extension, however, it makes it a whole lot easier to do it with these. To make things go a little quicker, I throw my cordless air ratchet to remove the spark plugs faster.

Here’s a quick “Pro Tip” for removing these plugs. On the driver’s side of the engine, there is a lot of room to remove the plugs. However, on the passenger side of the engine, it’s another story. There’s a lot of hoses and wires in our way which makes the job a little more difficult.

Don’t let this intimidate you, this is when a good set of wobble extensions come in handy. Depending on your make and model, you might use different sizes, but you’ll be covered.

In regard to this particular 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe 5.3L engine, the 2.5” works great for the first three plugs. For the back plug on the passenger side, the 1” extension or no extension at all works great. Start the rachet down low and not from above and slip your socket and extension on and then connect the rachet.

The spark plugs I’m replacing the old ones with are the ones that this vehicle rolled off the assembly line with. They do not require gaping. They are pre-gapped at the factory and they specify that you do not gap them.

This is where I apply the copper anti-seize on the threads before I install them. To install the new plugs using a socket and small extension makes the process a little easier. Thread them, in the same way, they came out.

Put a nice solid torque on each plug but do not overtighten them because if you break them off, you’ll be crying! We hope you enjoyed our video on how to replace spark plugs and wires, make sure to subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss our new videos.

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Ms. Anita Señorita says:

What is a general cost for this service? I need some estimates and don't want to be taken advantage of. I own a 07 Tahoe. Thanks

Taylor tobias says:

I just wanna start by saying thank you for the great video! My closest mechanic said $500 to change spark plugs I spent $70, $100 including the tools. Being able to watch this and go pick up everything as listed made this job much easier as I am not a tinker kinda guy. Got it done in about an hr. Runs great again thank you!!

Trace Hormann says:

The ol cordless air ratchet

Fonzerellie 351 says:

This video is alot better than the other one from a different mechanic . Great Video .

David Williams says:

So sad you didn't spend much time showing us the REAL truth about that rear right plug….

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What size are the wires 10” or 12”

Ayfadir Canche says:

Sir! Thank you for this valuable information! Like other guys said, the 8th plug is the most complicated but you explained it really good!

N G says:

I recently changed my sparkplugs after installing the car shook more than usual and kept giving me a blinking engine light and it gave a P0380 code could it be i installed the spark plugs incorreclty

johnyutah5 says:

Great video. Great explanation and edit!! Subscribed!

Roger Reed says:

Metal insulator sleeves went straight in the garbage can

Rip Tha Beat says:

Excellent video bro thanks

Terpy T says:

When I add the new spark plugs it doesn’t matter which order I put them in because they’re new right? And if I bought new plug wires does it come with a new metal sleeve for the bottom boot? Or do I reuse the old ones

Dandoun6191 says:

Best video yet. Saw many terrible videos this morning with no value on this job. Great one man!

Avro says:

do the plug wires have to be in a specific order? my truck is misfiring now after a new plug and plug wire change

Arthur says:

This was a well put together how-to, thanks!


Great video sir, but why did you remove the spark plugs? What was the symptoms?

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