How to replace key fob battery chevy

How to replace key fob battery chevy

How to replace the battery in a Chevy key fob.
CR2032 3v is the battery size.

2013-2017 Chevy key fob battery replacement.
Malibu, impala, equinox, traverse, corvette, Tahoe, suburban, corvette, ss, cruze



Tina Bell says:

Thank you!!!! Replaced my fog battery easily with your easy tutorial

ElectricPudding says:

thank you. This key was confusing!

Mr Zark says:

Thanks for the vid. You save me some time and cash!

Chef Duane says:

5/6/21 @ 7:29pm Dallas, TX. Did this just now as I watched. Thanks Very Much!!!

Tiana L says:

Thank you, I freaked out when I seen battery low at 0%. Your video saved the day!!!

habibiforyou2 says:

So easy thank you.

A loser says:

Good video. Exactly what I needed with no fluff.

Adam says:

Great video thank you!

Corrie Mitchell says:

Thank you for this video! Where can I purchase those batteries I’m in need of changing my fob battery

Tom Laaser says:

Very helpful

Katie Smythe says:

If you look closely, you will see the graphic inside the keyfob shows the battery + in the opposite position from where it should be. It's almost like they WANT you to install the battery backwards.

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