How to Replace Fuel Filter Chevrolet S-10 1993-2004

How to Replace Fuel Filter Chevrolet S-10 1993-2004

Today we are taking a look at how to replace the fuel filter for a Chevrolet S-10 and Trailblazer 1993-2004! This guide also applies to the GMC Jimmy, Opel Blazer, and Oldsmobile Bravada of that generation. Thanks so much for watching!

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*Disclaimer: Please use all safety precautions



Regal Touch Detailing says:

The other lines besides the feed line (running into the filter) – what are they? from out front to back if possible.

Bill G says:

Great video. Thank you very much

Natalee Garcia says:

when i undid the 16mm line nut i got absolutely SQUIRTED in the godamn eyes and face with gas. wtf did i do wrong????

eddie says:

Thanks for the video. Did mine on my 95 s10 today. I guess who ever did it before didn’t put the plastic retaining bracket back on (probably broke it) both sides were threaded too, no safety’s on my year.

Twizted-Horror says:

I did it like that in the first place but the front leaks. So I added an o ring. It still leaks. Cant find any wrong but no matter what it still leaks

George Gaviria says:

Awesome video.

dirk digler says:

Gonna do mine tomorrow on my 04 s10 crew cab how do I release fuel pressure in the lines so I dont lose a bunch of gas?

Juan Quintanar says:

Excellent VIDEO man: Thanks a lot. Have a great day!

me says:

So a black ring came out of my quick release and I can't get it to fit together again, couple black rubber washers came out too

Brendin Johnson says:

Please be careful I was swapping my filter on my s-10 and when I undid the clip I got about 60psi of gasoline directly into my eyes and ear , It ate my eardrum away and I couldn’t hear out if that ear for 3/4 months


Great video. Nice job explaining everything

Bryson Key says:

I hope it saves money cause the fuel filter itself is like $60

Zach Fox says:

It'll round off…if you don't know how to use an *open end wrench.

Max Custer says:

It must be nice working with rust free trucks

Luke Goff says:

In my 1998 s-10 there is no filter there. Its not under the hood either where it can be seen. There isn't even a fuel line under where you show the filter.

JB_XYZ says:

Super helpful. Watching under my truck right now. Done!

Robert Conner says:

turn the car on and then pull the fuel pump relay and that realises the pressure


Ok so my line thing didn't move I unscrewed the filter abd screwed it in stopped is that good enough

synthesis says:

I think it's 94 not 93-04 s10s. Mine looks different and it's very easy to get to

2003SCT says:

Helpful but my gas lines just keep running. Had I known this would be the case and that they don’t stop even 45 minutes into it…had I known that I wouldn’t have started the process.

Matt Pilz says:

Great video, but uh… When I remove the quick release part of hose it never seemed to stop draining, as if it were siphoning the entire gas tank out. It also had high build-up of pressure even though I tried to relieve it by cycling the engine with relay out. 2004 Blazer.

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