How to Replace Door Hinge Pin and Bushing 1994-2004 Chevy S-10

How to Replace Door Hinge Pin and Bushing 1994-2004 Chevy S-10

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If the door hinges on your truck are creaking, or the door is sagging, you might want to replace the hinge pin and bushings. This video shows you how to install a new door hinge pin and bushings on your 1994-2004 Chevy S-10.

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This process should be similar on the following vehicles:
1994 Chevrolet S10
1995 Chevrolet S10
1996 Chevrolet S10
1997 Chevrolet S10
1998 Chevrolet S10
1999 Chevrolet S10
2000 Chevrolet S10
2001 Chevrolet S10
2002 Chevrolet S10
2003 Chevrolet S10
2004 Chevrolet S10

Tools you will need:
• Pry Bar
• Locking Pliers
• Gloves
• Rust Penetrant
• Safety Glasses
• Hammer


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TRQ says:

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Ben B says:

Good video of a proper install… However, DO NOT hammer those bushings in. They will break in a heart beat. Also just an fyi that door weighs about 75lbs so you might want to get or build some sort of a stand to hold it.

Josh Mason says:

Just waiting for him to say “varicle” instead of “vehicle”.

Tally Beaverman says:

good tutorial! Unfortunately the hole in my top bracket is wallowed out on the outside of it. Instead of cutting the bracket out and welding in a new one in, I'm going to try filling the loose side of the bracket with JB Weld.
Sounds crappy but one of the threads on the inside of my my transmission housing was glued in with JB Weld before I bought the truck and held, until the transmission was rebuilt. at that time the housing was replaced because of that.
All this will do is fill in the gap and make the bushing more secure. It held without anything to support the bushing for 2 yrs, and now it's time to replace it again. Maybe the JB Weld will help it last longer. Got my fingers crossed. Unless you have a video on how to fix a sloppy hole like this better, that I can watch, or a good suggestion.

paul dietrich says:

If you beat on those bushings you will break them..

FireWorx CarpetPeer says:

I gotta i brought gm spring tool and couldn't get the spring out and then remembered this video. Thanks for your trick on getting the spring out. The show couldn't start without this trick!. I watched alot of hinge videos and this is the only one that shows it. Thanks!

Dan Lemons says:

I enjoy your experience

John Hyatt says:

Please don't beat on the bushings, they are extremely fragile!!!

Ken Hilson says:

wonder if small engine valve spring compressor would work.

Jon Cummins says:

Thanks for the info video!!

V.T.D.G says:

Part number and brand of that spring compress tool please ?

Jarius Foster says:

Isn't that the homie from 1A-Auto?

J Hodges says:

We used zip ties on the spring and a c- clamp to compress the print. It took 5 zip ties which were grocery store purchased.

Anthony Florence says:

Never when i use a hammer they always brake now use a bolt and some wash will push the bushing in straight

stjohnsriverrat says:

Great video, My driver door on my 2002 S10 is sagging as well.

Jeremy Borum says:

Thanks for this. I just called my dealer for a labor estimate, but maybe I'll do it myself.

Robert Goforth says:

Do you have anyting on how to replace heater blend door activator on S10 2002

SlithenTurtle says:

My new bushing broke into pieces when I barely tapped them

The Power Of Compressed Air says:

You can also use a c Clamp to compress the spring and wrap several zip ties around inner coils to reinstall if you don't have the tool

martin says:

Why not change one at a time

niggles Zambrano says:

I have also seen this guy on 1aauto videos

Gail Taylor says:

Nope. Don't beat the bushing in with a hammer unless you have a bunch of spares. Most of them are made of brass. Brass is very soft and brittle. Good chance they will crumble. Instead use a 1.5 to 2 inch long 5/16" fully threaded bolt & a nut, plus another larger nut that the hole size fits slightly loosely over the small end of bushing. For top bushings, slide bushing on bolt and drop thru hole. Slide larger nut up over bolt and hold in place while threading 5/15 nut on. Use a flat washer between the larger nut & 5/16 so it doesn't try to suck up into the larger nut. Slowly tighten to press bushing into place. Make sure the bushing is going in straight. Tap the bolt a little sideways as needed to get it straight. Flip bolt/nut assemble over for other bushings. Also…It's common for the cab side of the hinge to be wider apart than optimal. I slip a flat washer between them to help lift the door and close the gap. If there is vertical slack it tends to wear the bushings out faster.

Cj says:

Thanks for the vid. Is it a good idea to add a little grease to the new pins and bushings to stop them from wearing out?

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