How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 10-17 Chevy Equinox

How to Replace Cabin Air Filter 10-17 Chevy Equinox

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1A Auto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a dirty, dusty or clogged air filter. This video is applicable to the 12 Chevy Equinox

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Kennie B says:


Ben says:

Sorry lady, I think you installed that filter wrong, not that will it cause damage. The blowers suck air through filters not blow air through them, in most applications.

Ronald Thompson says:

Why didn't the squirrel come out?

alan fedden says:

The 2017 equinox doesn't have screws to remove to take the glove box out! Just lift the bottom on each side then tilt the box down in the hole and pull out! The filter box and door are the same as shown here

The One the Only X says:

The squirrel mafia

Philip Ryan says:

No reason to take out the bottom panel

Anthony Rocha says:

Def dont need to take the glove box out completely if you dont have the accorn problem lol

a3300000 says:

Filter doesn’t look too bad being 50 years old.

Chris Hill says:

All she had to do was to just drop the glove compartment.

Flatcar Rider says:

Nice video but I'm pretty sure the air flow is down, not up.

Chad Hickey says:

I have heard people refer to small engines as squirrels under the hood, now I know why.

Joseph Bossoli says:

Quercus, the giant has found our stash!

Keith Walters says:

How the hell did that many acorns get into there

LTVoyager says:

As others have commented, this video is incorrect on at least two points. 1. The glove box will come out with the kick panel in place. The kick panel need be removed only if you also have to remove the blower motor, but not for only a filter change. 2. This filter was installed backwards. The airflow is in the downward direction as you can tell both from the squirrel cage blower design which blows are from the center to the circumference using centrifugal force and looked at where the ducts on the outside of the blow go to. Also, the clean side of the filter is always on the downstream side, which is the bottom of the filter in this case.

Check out the video at FilterHeads if you want to see how to do this job correctly. And, no, I have no affiliation with FilterHeads,

niansillabffs says:

I understand you only need to take off the glove compartment, but its a good thing they did take off the panel to get the acorns that fell

Rob H says:

Arrow is supposed to be pointed down.

eric brehm says:

is the air flow up or down, to many different videos with different directions.

Mark Hindermann says:

I wasted an hour trying to get thw bottom panel off and back on. UNEEDED STEP! Just remove the glove compartment!

vande72 says:

I just changed my son’s and found a few acorns and a mouse nest with 4 mummified baby mice. That explains the smell.

sostareci says:

Stupid design

Armand deBlouwe says:

Is there not a screen ?

Stamps says:

Thought the pic of filter was click bait! Haven’t changed mine in 7 years….. just ordered mine and going to change today

Greg Automotive says:

2012 Equinox is behind the glove box, not under the panel.

Andy Nielsen says:

I also did not remove the kick panel. I would like to argue that the arrow is in the direction of the airflow and should be point down. The fan pulls outside air through the filter and into the cabin. This traps the contaminants on top of the filter. Really like to know how mice get in there though.

Blue Mustang says:

That's pretty ridiculous that there's no screen on the intake to keep out objects as big as acorns.

Blue Mustang says:

ON my 2015, taking off that bottom panel is not needed. Just open glove box and lift. Glove box will pop right out. Takes 5 seconds.

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