How to replace AC Belt/Tensioner on 2005 Chevy Silverado

How to replace AC Belt/Tensioner on 2005 Chevy Silverado

In this video I will show you how to replace the AC Belt and Tensioner on a 2005 Chevy Silverado, mine is the V8 5.3l.



armorboy24 Doe says:

Awesome video, helped alot

Jimmy Sprinkles says:

What length is the belt you used I can’t seem to find the right one

chris mooney says:

Did your pulling make loud grinding sound ??

Gary James says:

Nice video. Looks like you did it the easiest way to me. I came to this video because i just changed the water pump on my girlfriends uncles 2005 chevy Silverado which was very easy by the way. But we noticed the belt on the ac compressor was cracked so he wanted to change it as well but his AC does not work so to my knowledge cant we just remove that belt all together if hes not using his AC?

Jorge Ortiz says:

I put a new belt on my Tahoe cuz the old one was broken and when I turn my ac on the belt broke of again what could be the problem?

Cesar Prieto says:

Thank you dude

Jesus Guerrero says:

Best video on explaining how to remove and install everything back together thank you for posting this video

Joseph Stewart says:

A stretch belt from a 08-13 works a lot better and you can delete the tensioner save money and works better

Google Reviewer says:

I really DID not want to change out the a/c tensioner on my 2004 Z71…but the shop told me that the horrible noise i was hearing was coming from my a/c compressor and it would need to be replaced…but they would not replace the compressor alone…. they would be installing a new compressor, accumulator or filter drier, expansion device, oil, and required gaskets and O-rings as well of new Freon. Total cost $1297.91 ….i decided to go home and investigate further….i started it up…crawled under it and started listening to everything…i felt like it was the a/c tensioner…i did the job and now their is NO NOISE WHATSOEVER! Total cost $38.86

Levi Buenamea says:

Hey man I put my ac belt on and it’s making like a rubbing/knocking noise and I’m not sure what’s going on because when the belt was off it wouldn’t do it

jayjay9891 says:

That was what I was looking for thanks bro.

foghorn leghorn says:

Would the ac tension pulley make a rattle noise?

Meshawn Harper says:

Appreciate the video !

Big A says:

Would a bad one of these cause loud sqeeking?

Marc Hernandez says:

how would you diagnose a bad ac tensioner pulley?

Nelson Strickland says:

I replaced that belt from the top side…looked like I fought a pit bull when finished…hands and arm skinned up…I should have checked your video first…thanks!! make it look easy..

Ramiro Reyes says:

I replaced the tensioner but once I started it, it now makes like a rattle sound and not sure what it could be

K. Smith says:

Man, you just saved me some $$. Awesome video!!

jovel lorilla says:

Good and easy explanation! Awesome

Nay says:

How did you get the bolt in the back off

AdamD says:

Very good video thanks!

It’s just Vinny says:

I have no reason to watch this, But i have to watch your videos, I love them!

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