How to Replace a Windshield Wiper Transmission on Chevy Equinox Windshield Wiper Repair

How to Replace a Windshield Wiper Transmission on Chevy Equinox Windshield Wiper Repair

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This video covers the process of replacing the windshield wiper transmission on a 2011 Chevy Equinox. The procedure covered in this video will be the same or similar to many vehicles. The windshield wiper transmission failure is a common problem that causes the windshield wipers to stop functioning on many vehicles. Subaru Outback, GMC Terrain, Chevy Equinox, Toyota Tundra, and many other vehicles are affected by this windshield wiper bushing problem. In some cases, the windshield wiper bushings can be replaced. In this video, I opted to replace the entire windshield wiper transmission mechanism. It is important to note that the AC Delco transmissions also includes the windshield wiper motor.
The process covered in this video repair tutorial will be the same or similar on most vehicles including U.S. and Canadian models of:
2005 – 2016 Chevrolet Equinox
2005 – 2012 Pontiac Torrent
2005 – 2016 GMC Acadia
2005 – 2016 GMC Terrain
AC Delco Windshield Wiper Transmission on Amazon –
Windshield Wiper Transmissions on Amazon –
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Mark Jenkins says:

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Windshield Wiper Transmissions on Amazon –

Automotive Retainer Clips on Amazon –

Maurice Jackson says:

Thank you for the video. My girlfriend was told from her car mechanic that they would do this job for $485 I brought the part for $80 and $20 for a new wiper blade. So I did the job for $100 because of you video thank you.

Michael Kuntz says:

Very helpful. My driver's side arm came off on my 2012 Chevy Orlando. Not sure what the problem is yet, but the passenger side still works. This video helps to understand how to get in there to check it out, and hopefully a cheap (or free) fix! Thanks for the video.

Jodi Augustine says:

If after I do the initial test and it's successful, but then stops as soon as the wipers are back on, what did I do wrong?

Jim R says:

Most other Chevrolets use the same transmission and they were all recalled except the Equinox. I just finished repairing my daughter's 2015 Equinox bushing. Got it locally at Autozone. I will be sending a note y=to NHTSA to request a recall. Hers failed during a moderate rainstorm last weekend 50 miles from home. This is a safety problem.

Faith L says:

Is this the same as a windsheild wiper motor? I was told the motor on my 2010 cheby equinox is bad but i have no idea what im looking for!!

Adawg Gaming says:

i have just the linkage wanting to take the old motor off but it dont seem like i can

Lone Wolf Entertainment says:

Thank you! You just saved me a lot of money by doing it myself!

Jake D. Monroe Jr. says:

Thank You For All Your Help

paramedivmso4 says:

New wiper motor-$90/$60
Waiting for amazon to deliver it, while my wife is not able to driver her car if wipers are needed, which equals angry wife? 🙁
Mechanic to install it- $150-300 (if mechanic is honest)
Fixing it myself from your video in 20 minutes and regaining my wife's confidence- PRICELESS!!!!

Great tutorial video with excellent camera angles. Just popped the bushing connection back together as the wiper motor was not broken, the arms just became detached.
Thank you

Gankoholic INC. says:

Thanks for not showing the connection on the motor to transmission only reason I viewed this

F Hill says:

To all who have spent money on this fix, you can be reimbursed. GM has a special coverage adjustment for the wiper transmission
for vehicles 2010 – 2012 and 2014 – 2017 for Equinox and Terrain

Thomas Dwyer says:

I am watching this video because I know a girl who's boyfriend needs a new one and the place he went to wants to charge him 400 dollars for it and he wants her to float him the money, but this looks really easy. Thanks for the good tutorial, man.

Marie Lemasters says:

Hey, Mark: Many thanks for your "how to replace the windshield wiper transmission" video. I'm a 66 year old woman, and was able to fix my 2012 Equinox myself. I had a bit of trouble removing the wiper arms because I'm not very tall (5' 3") and couldn't grip them securely enough…, I had to use a safety step stool to give me a boost, and, Man, I sure did have to jiggle them a lot before they came loose. I applied some 3-in-1 oil to help. I think it did. It's a challenge for shorter people to reach across the hood. (It's worth mentioning for any other "vertically challenged" person. C; ) It is imperative that the wiper arms are in the park position before reassembling. Your recommendation in the hyperlink made it so easy to order the part from Amazon. Perfect fit. Thanks again, and Happy wrenching!

swift catboi says:

Thanks so much for the video. I ordered the part and fixed it myself. Pretty cool for a 46 year old mom! I'm awfully proud of myself, but the thanks goes to you.

Terry Sellers says:

This kept me from buying a new relay and wiper motor fuse only to find out it was this mechanical problem, not an electrical problem. It was easy to diagnose with the wipers just being pulled back and forth by hand without resistance. I bought the GM version because it came with the motor and I was concerned about my original motor may not fit the aftermarket transmission precisely. Thanks a lot.

stopligh says:

I just replaced my windshield wiper motor and transmission. The piece that connects the motor and transmission on mine is a bolt. I tried tightening it as much as u can. I test it an it works fine as soon as i get it put it together the bolt loosens and then i have to go through the whole process again. What am i doing wrong?

Lincoln Bowling says:

Hello Mark, does the wiper transmission itself come apart?
1987 Dodge D250 with 1 transmission missing the knurled knob that the wiper arm slides on. Someone told me the knurled knob screws in. Cannot find a replacement transmission through Dodge or Dorman. Looking to just screw in a replacement knurled knob. Transmission works fine just missing knurled piece.
What do you think? Does anyone know if that piece screws in?

Katie Hubbard says:

Please file a complain with NHTSA if your wipers stopped working on your Chevy or GMC. This is dangerous and there needs to be a recall.

Sean_Johnny-45 says:

What happens when the wipers start opposite?!?

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