How to Remove & Replace Window Regulator Rollers and Rivets | Danchuk USA

How to Remove & Replace Window Regulator Rollers and Rivets | Danchuk USA

Mike Morgan shows us how to remove and replace the window regulator rollers from the window regulators. We are working on regulators from a 4-door sedan, but the procedure is the same for all models.

Danchuk Manufacturing – the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor exclusively for 1955, 1956, and 1957 Chevy parts for Bel Air, 210, 150, and Nomad Trifive Chevrolets. Danchuk is the leader of the 1955 1956 1957 Chevy restoration industry.

Since 1976, when we turned out our first classic Chevy part, our 1957 parklight lens, it has been our policy to find ways to refine and improve our products and services. Danchuk is constantly raising the bar for quality 1955-56-57 classic Chevy restoration parts by manufacturing parts that are superior to both the original parts and all other classic Chevy reproduction parts on the market today.

Danchuk takes pride in producing competitively priced, Made in the USA, classic Chevy parts that look better, fit better and last longer. As a result, Danchuk remains the largest manufacturer and distributor of 1955- 1956-1957 classic Chevy restoration and performance parts in the world.

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Wow, thank you for the video, very helpful

Jim Nuna says:

One best explanations, thanks for keeping it simple

Paul Straney says:

what would be wrong with using a flat rivet set and an air chisel? This sure looks like a complicated way to do a job that looks very amateur when complete.

Mike O'Brien says:

Now show me hoe to get the big a__ spiral spring back on the thing, please.

Durhl Davis Artist says:

Just what I needed to see, perfect! Thank you

Paul Patino says:

Thanks Mike , mine seems little more tecnical cuz I have to shim the back of my roller with a tine nut or something , so that I don't smash my roller. (tailgate window 90 k5)



Cliff Cox says:

where do you find the rollers? I have an 01 Dodge Ram in which the rollers on both windows have failed not only in the original part but the junkyard parts that I collected as well

Rollin Wheels says:

why replace just the rollers just replace the regulators, there old,, lol

finn stoneman says:

Mike this is a very helpful video. I used your technique to replace the window rollers on my 68 Chevy Suburban and it worked perfectly. Many Thanks. Shane in New Zealand

Samuel Heller says:

How are the frames holding the glass put on the rollers?

Zander Scarbrough says:

could you do a video on rewiring a 55?

Dan Records says:

Could you do a video on how to remove the rear doors on a 56 4-door sedan

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