How to Install a Hitch (2016+ Chevy Spark)

How to Install a Hitch (2016+ Chevy Spark)

How to install the “Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver” on a Chevy Spark 2016 or newer. Link below to the hitch in the video.



Xavier Gonzalez says:

I can't believe I was about to give 100 dollars to do this easy installation. Thank you so much!

Detroitblue says:

I have the Spark EV. It seems to have an extra tray under the bumpers with air vortex tabs. I haven't got under it for a close look but it seems like it will be different issues.

Noah Topolinski says:

does your car have a cvt or manual transmission?

Fresher than Yo bastad children says:

that was dope. appreciate it

MountainsNC says:

Your voice was recalling soothing. I have a 2014 and was wanting to do the installation myself, 32 female.

That was interesting. says:

I'll be tackling this soon on my 2015 model to add a hitch-mounted tire carrier for my custom-matching spare rim. It's criminal that Chevrolet doesn't include an actual spare tire with this car but some ridiculous and almost entirely useless "inflator kit." What good is an inflator kit when your tire shreds on the highway? They could have at least included a small donut spare but nooo.

For anyone who doesn't want to add a trailer hitch (extra weight) and a hitch-mounted tire carrier (more extra weight) you should be able to just toss out the inflator kit and foam crap in the trunk and put a donut spare in the well made for it but never added. Might need to install some kind of hold-down bracket to keep the tire from bouncing around too. A 2x 12" subwoofer box should also do the trick, lol.

Tristan says:

Thank you. The instructions didn’t explain the retaining clips

Miguel Perez says:

Is that same type of hitch compatible for a 2020 Chevy Spark?

Desert Rat Racing says:

Your video is the only one on the net that actually shows close up how the tabs hold the bumper cover on. Bravo! This is so helpful to understand the method of attachment to go forward with the removal. Getting those tabs to release and not damage them is key to a successful removal. Great job!

Dale Besaw says:

That was great. Detailed enough to give you just about anything that you would need to get the job done. But not too wordy.

Brenda Davis says:

I was told i couldn't tow anything with my Chevy Spark.But come to find out they were wrong yipee

Kevin Peterson says:

I've watched this video 10x already, and it gave me great inspiration to tackle my 2018 spark. I bought the Curt 11433 model. And it bolts to the frame with 6 bolts. They said to enlarge the factory holes but I took the bumper off and had easy access to the factory holes without enlarging anything. Plus those 7mm mud guard screw heads were 9/32 on mine. Thanks again for this video!

Juan Pablo Enriquez Martínez says:

Hi!. The same hitch can be used on a 2013 chevy spark? and in the same way??

andrew rodriguez says:

Where did you get your mudflaps?!

Trevor Nash says:

Is there any roof rack installation for Chevy spark?

alaskaforest says:

I used curved metal snips to trim the fascia on bumper on my 2017 5-speed Spark; (worked better for me than the Dremel) then used a flat hand file to smooth it. Your video helped me do a superior job.

z b says:

What did you attach to the hitch once it was installed? how much did it/can you think it can tow. Very nice cideo, simple and thorough instructions!

ScooterDano says:

Nice instructions. Thinking of adding a hitch and cargo carrier to my 17 spark for a little extra storage space when needed. Prying plastic tabs for the first time is always nerve racking.

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