How to install a brake master cylinder on a 1988-1998 Chevy K1500 Silverado

How to install a brake master cylinder on a 1988-1998 Chevy K1500 Silverado

In this video I will show you how to install a brake master cylinder on a 1988-1998 Chevy K1500 Silverado. I will go over removal,
bench bleeding and re installation. The link to where I bought the product is below at Amazon.

Master Cylinder Bench Bleeder ▶

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∙Washing and Drying:
MTM Hydro PF22 foam cannon▶
MTM Hydro SG28 Spray Gun▶
Stainless Steel Hose Swival▶
MTM Foam Cannon▶
Chemical Guys Glossworkz▶ (my number one favorite car wash)
Adams Car Shampoo▶ (My number two favorite car wash)
Lambs wool wash pad▶
Microfiber “pluffle” towel I used in the video my favorite▶
Microfiber drying towel shorter nap▶
Microfiber drying towel shorter nap but just a little larger▶
Eagle Edgeless 480gr microfiber towels▶
Meguiars X-Press Spray Wax▶ (my number one favorite detail spray)
Optimum No Rinse mixed with distilled water as detail spray▶
Double Mist Sprayer 1/2L ▶
Mini 1oz “shot Glass” I use in each video▶

∙To build the Submachine Gun Style Foam Handle parts are below:
Forney Spray Gun▶
Forney Quick Coupler Male Socket▶
Forney Quick Coupler Male Plug▶
Blue Monster Thread Tape▶
DUSICHIN Pressure Washer Spray Nozzle Tips▶
MTM Foam Cannon▶
Flexible Blue Wand▶
Stainless Steel Hose Swival▶
Neptune Rubber Hose▶

∙To buff out swirls and scratches below:
Porter Cable Polisher▶
Rupes LHR 15 Mark II Bigfoot Polisher▶

Orange Waffle Pad▶
Adams Microfiber Cutting Pad▶
Meguiar DA Microfiber Cutting Pad▶ (my number one favorite buffing pad)

Sonax Profiline Perfect finish▶
Adams paint correcting and finishing polishes▶
Adams Liquid Paint Sealant▶ (my number one favorite paint sealant)

Eagle Edgeless 480gr microfiber towels▶
Clay Bar▶

∙Interior Detailing Supplies are below:
Metro Vac N Blo model Pro 83BA▶
Eagle Edgeless 480grm towels for the tint▶
Chemical Guys Wonder Wash for the window solution▶
Chemical Guys Glass cleaner▶
Heavy Duty Spray bottle (Made in USA)▶
Mastersons Car Care All Purpose Super Cleaner▶

∙Wheel and Tire Cleaning Products are below:
Mastersons tire and trim shine▶
Long Handle Wheel Well Brush▶
Super Soft Updated Wheel Brush▶
EZ Detail Brush (Racoon) My Favorite!!▶
Wheel Woolies in three Sizes▶
Simple Green▶
CarPro Iron X▶

∙Glass Cleaning Products are below:
Mastersons Car Care Glass Cleaner▶
Eagle Edgeless 480gr microfiber towels▶

∙Windshield Cleaning Products are below:
Citrol Aerosol▶
Citrol Gallon▶
Leak Proof Spray Bottle▶
Masterson’s Glass Cleaner▶
303 Protectant Spray▶
Chemical Guys▶
Chemical Guys OG Claybar▶
Eagle Edgeless 480gr microfiber towels▶

Engine Cleaning Products are below:
MTM PF22 Foam Gun▶
Zep Heavy Duty Engine Degreaser▶



Alex Guerrero says:

Ur the goat for this video

te066538 says:

Good presentation!

robert boydston says:

simple and straightforward. Thanks for posting

JohnCorey80 says:

I took a shot every time you said nut. Heck of a Saturday night.

John Pursche says:

Thanks buddy… it worked out fine for my 92 chevy k2500 6.5 diesel

fortworthpyro jeff says:

Couldn't you just have bolted it back on therefor you could use brake pedal to take air out once bled just connect hose instead of using a vicegrip

Chewy Vuitton says:

This is extremely awful. I want my time back.

Illustr8 Phee says:

I have a 1995 Chevy Tahoe.can I change the master an booster? from a 2002 Tahoe?

Michael Duncan says:

I remember bleeding my truck before and I think there is a order to do it in, driver side then passenger front 1st then back in that same order right?

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