GROOVY BABY! Fully Customized 1977 Chevrolet Hippy Van! Abandoned for 29 Years! Will it Run?!?

GROOVY BABY! Fully Customized 1977 Chevrolet Hippy Van! Abandoned for 29 Years! Will it Run?!?

We saved this 1977 Chevrolet Caravan full-size van from being scrapped after sitting in a backyard for 29 years! It was fully customized both inside and out when it was brand new! Let’s see if we can get the 350 V8 engine to breathe fire once again and get it back on the road! If you’re interested in owning this classic piece of late 1970s history, it could be yours for only $1,200 American dollars! It’s still in the as shown condition but I did find a pair of rear leaf springs that just might fit! Obviously they need installed as we’ve moved onto the next project. As always, thanks for watching!

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Tools we use:
Rubber tool mats:
Cyclops shop light:
Ultrasonic Cleaner 10L:
Greta Unapproved Fuel Jug:
Noresman drill bits:
Norseman reamers:
Spill proof funnel:
Teslong endoscope:
Streamlight Pen Light:
Zep45 Penetrating Oil:
Marine tank:
12V inline fuel pump:
1/4NPT to 5/16″ hose barb fitting:
5/16″ rubber fuel line:
Hot Sauce bottle:
Loser switch:
Milwaukee 3/8″ cordless ratchet:
Milwaukee 1/2″ Impact:
Milwaukee 3/8″ stubby impact:
Tekton 3/8″ SAE deep impact socket set:
3/8″ wobble extensions:
GearWrench spark plug socket set:
Smittybilt XRC12 Winch:
10 Ton Snatch Block:
Ingersoll Rand air hammer:
Barrina LED Shop Lights:
Filming equipment we use:
GoPro Hero 8:
Camera light:
Handheld camera mount:
Suction cup mount:

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Jeff Lilyea says:

I bet your videos are interesting, but the first thing I see is a stupid burnout donut. click.

hitnrundrummer says:

Sweet rig! Nice to see vans repped!

Barry Catlin says:

Mortske I have a 92 Chevy plow truck can't get it to running put all new plugs and wires Cap rotor put everything in right could you please help

Glenn Statham says:

Duff Dog, the Holey Goat and Morstke Repair are the bomb, Make it Kustom does insane handmade stuff.

E ck says:

I have a 1972 e300 1-ton super van as my daily driver in a 85 pack Bell line truck with generator and air and electricity front and back in the backyard with a 460 I ain't going to drive that thing I don't own a gas station but that 72 van is a daily driver and it gets great gas mileage so what no big deal

Cainan Kitts says:

I died laughing at the different county joke!

Mike Jewell says:

How much for the van I'm extremely interested my 73dodge van back in high school was the love shack on wheels my first 2 kids where made in that thing

Mike Jewell says:

That's a great price for that Pontiac dang can't buy a old Pontiac V8 for $500.00

Brian Sutton says:

The Cheech and Chong special, Still Smoking. Or in this case it still runs. Even when you don't want it to.

Spencer says:

I hate vans but this one is good I see some potential in it I love all the custom stuff they did to it back in the 70s

Ralph Morgan says:

That ain't no mattress in the back, that's a "rutting rack"

Rick Van Camp says:

Power Fist brought to YOU by Princess Auto! Custom Equipment Canada! Duff Special tools! You know it!

Josh Willis says:

So the license plate says BNG 850. You suppose that's a certified count for that bang bus?

Rick M says:

You've got way more patience than I young man! I woulda taken out a title loan and bought a new one! That quad would've had a new home in my scrap barrel. Great job as always.

Laura J. says:

I love Puddin and I want to like you. Yet a lot of videos big girls always mentioned. I’m a big girl that works on my cars, love learning on YouTube. No worries I won’t watch you again. Sorry Puddin just can’t watch him.

Brian Larson says:

I wish someone would show ME a running car for $500, I would be the happiest dude in town. No wheels for thirteen years now. Good luck with the van man. I would love to give something like that a good home.

West Virginia DJ says:

Name for the van “The Meat Wagon “.

buster turner says:

Love the van. Had a family friend that had an old dodge van. Had a 318 with the 3 on the tree swapped to the floor. He had to shift it reaching behind the seat.

japtele52 says:

WOW! I just found out your older brother (Craig) works for Bikes & Beards! WTH? go figure? he got the same gray on his beard as you! maybe a little more? but he's older. oh! buy the way. how your kid doing?

zappatx says:

No Jan & Dean?

Gordon Bright says:

1200 for the rig what would you charge to do the springs and put a set of manifolds exhaust on it? I buy it I drive it 600 miles home yea Im nuts but I have fun. dig your videos far out funky and cool man!

Cole says:

"easy peasy man butt squeezy" -puddins fab shop

Philip Brucker says:

There can only be 2 names for this van, The Shaggin Wagon or The Babymaker.

Race Ussery says:

Puddin sent me here something about man butt squeezing

Johnathan Harris says:

lol at the saltiness for doing doughnuts. hahaha if i was closer id love a short boogie van i wouldnt even paint it lmfao

Frank Randol says:

You will want to stake the metering piston before you put the gasket on. Remove the secondary rods for easier installation, then install once you have it all back together. The Quad is pretty simple in fact. Coat the gaskets with lithium grease and you can install and remove over and over, without tearing them.

Stew says:

Sorry but that was so painful to watch you try and put that Quadrajet back together. FYI, The primary metering rods will will stay in the body it you had of pushed the plastic retainer clip in and you should have remover the secondary metering rods from the carburettor top. They are so easy to put back together if you do this. Hope my advice helps you for next time. Cheers Stew.

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