DiResta 77' Chevy Truck Repairs

DiResta 77' Chevy Truck Repairs

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In this video I replace a few parts and repair my 1977 chevy step side long bed;
the windshield , the Grill and dash board .. and the starter!
this is on the road toeing a good trusted truck for me !

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Brian S says:

I kept thinking through the entire video "when is Jimmy gonna tag it?" Was not disappointed… Good job, thanks for sharing…

garagemonkeysan says:

Nice video. Hurts my hands, just watching it. I've never met an easy windshield replacement. : ) Mahalo for sharing!

RickMakes says:

One potential downside of soldering a connection like that is that if it gets hot again, you could lose the connection.

aserta says:

FIY probably don't stir mice nests because you can get hanta virus from their droppings and nests. I forget which channel, but the feller was digging through their truck liner one episode and that's the story…

Ed Popelas says:

19:23 waiting for Bigfoot to stroll through the woods.

Trev Haydon says:

Awesome Video, Thank you Jimmy. Love and Respect from North London UK.

Ricardo Junqueira says:

I'd love to daily drive that car.

StigHDS says:

The secret to fitting windscreens is to lube everything including the rubber

Jared E. Scheidel says:

Keep up the great craftsmanship and hard work my friend. Forge on. Fab on. Weld On. Keep Making. God bless.

RJ Senn says:

Loved the video! My first ride was a ‘75 Chevy p/u. I replaced the dash as well! Lots of memories working on that truck. Engine bay so large I could sit on the wheel well and wrench on it. Be careful of the throttle cable. Mine frayed inside the housing causing the accelerator to stick. Had to reach down with my hand to pull it up doing about 60 mph. It’s an easy part to replace.

Евгений Баркалов says:

Здорова Джимарек как дела ты дровами запасаешься

David Chang-Yen says:

Looks amazing, but come on, you can’t leave us hanging – what did the switch do?

Miguel Ángelez El Romanardo says:

Mad max project

Tom Im says:

I can smell the interior from here! Love the sound of the engine turning over with the new starter- oh, the memories! Thanks, Jimmy for the stroll down memory lane!

Jim Hunt says:

DIY at it's best : )

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