Chevy Silverado noise while driving fix

Chevy Silverado noise while driving fix

How to check your front hub bearings wheel off you have to take off the tire to unload the bearing. There was no play in this hub but it did have a loud noise when driving. (Roaring) please subscribe thank JJ



@mikemchugh949 says:

Well shit!! I wished I would’ve saw this 2 days ago when I jacked it up, shook the tire, no movement, drove about a mile and lost a tire. Almost $200 later a tow truck dropped me off.

@rodneymiddleton9624 says:

That one is real bad

@gunsmokefan1344 says:

My wife and daughter both said their was metal scrubbing and jacked it up and ck wheel and it was a bad whee bearing and thanks for video a big help thanks maddog!!

@sunnygod7289 says:

Will this stop car from moving while in drive to where u have to step on gas hard for it to go

@pglass4 says:

Thank you. You probably saved me hours .

@user-vy5xr8iw2i says:

How do you stop the noise?

@BullProspecting says:

Thank you bro! I did just that and that was the problem!
There are no other vids on this that I could find. Thank you!

@juniorhernandez8298 says:

I have a Chevy Silverado 2015 and I think I have that problem can i send you videos so you can see

@johncrump6622 says:

Kevin gates

@harveystewart8157 says:

Do you have the car in neutral? i have a 2006 grand prix that im thinking has a bad front driver side wheel bearing, but i cant get the hub to spin fast enough like yours. Cv axle is connected straight to hub

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