Chevy & GMC Truck Fuel/Gas Gauge Troubleshooting & Repair

Chevy & GMC Truck Fuel/Gas Gauge Troubleshooting & Repair

Dave Welch is a classic truck Specialist and he’s got plenty of tricks for nearly every project on your classic Chevrolet or GMC Pickup! Find Dave’s videos and more for your classic truck at

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Jesse Ford says:

Thanks for sharing the great information.

Oldblue’s HHR channel says:

The potentiometer in the fuel gauge failed, seems every truck I’ve owned had the same problem. Thanks for making it seem easy. Just a safety tip folks, always wear your safety glasses while dropping the fuel tank. Rust and dirt can get in your eyes, not a fun trip to the ER.
Thanks David, see you next Tuesday!

Robert Lambert says:

Dave has cool hair. I wish I had Dave’s hair.

Another good vid Dave thanks for the vid.

Lazy Hound Racing says:

Great job demystifying how a gas gauge works. Thank you for your time.

Reg Smith says:

Great tutorial

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