Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison COMEUP Winch INSTALL DIY (You Made This Happen!)

Chevy Colorado ZR2 Bison COMEUP Winch INSTALL DIY (You Made This Happen!)

Chris’ Chevrolet ZR2 Bison gets the GM Certified COMEUP winch and AEV Install kit! We’ll show you every step on how to install it, and then give a demo on how to use it. Thanks to all of you and@American Expedition Vehicles for helping make this project happen!

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Here’s the GM Part Numbers for what we installed.
COMEUP 9500 LB Winch #19418763
AEV Winch Mounting Kit #19418205

Install Instructions:

Tools And Extra Parts From Video (Amazon Affiliate Links):
Factor 55 Winch Hook:
Factor 55 Rope Guard:
Torx Bit Set:
Hex Bit Socket Set:
Craftsman Metric Ratcheting Wrench Set:
Craftsman Metric Socket Set:
Craftsman Ratcheting Wrench:
3/8″ Ratchet Extensions:
Eye Protection (my personal favorite):
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0:00 You Made This Project Happen!
0:48 Winch Kit Overview
2:16 Bumper Disassembly
5:00 Mounting Controller/Wiring
8:16 Winch Install
10:03 Winch Demo

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Auto DIY Fix says:

Hello Jason

Logan says:

Yeah! Awesome.

Monte Plays Games says:

Really thinking of going this direction. Great video as always.

Semper Liberi says:

Well done as usual

Brad K says:

Great surprise for Chris, Jason! Glad the Explains Things team had a great summer, Hope your channel keeps growing so we get to follow along forever!

Wade Duvall says:

Super awesome of you to do this! I'm curious how you feel about the COMEUP winch vs WARN 9.5XP-S for ~$600 more. Also curious if you know why all winch companies are CAPITALIZED. Finally, curious how level Chris's truck is with the leveling kit and a RTT/rack on the back (I think he's had your soft shell on there). I've got about 250 lbs forever on my truck and am worried it might start to Carolina Squat if I don't also upgrade the rear springs.

BowTied69 says:

What an awesome gift! I did the same install on my 2020 Bison the summer after I bought it. I did find the instructions were pretty good overall. I did the same thing – missing the window cut-out!! I went back and added it. I noticed that the cutout made the winch line susceptible to ice build-up considering the snow and freeze thaw cycles so I have since made a little removable clear plastic window for that spot. I recommend adding some dielectric grease to all your winch connections if you live a snowy area. I also noted a little rust forming on my winch body assembly seams so adding some grease to those spots is also recommended. I too did a Factor55 hook (ultra) and love it so far. I have used my winch a few times and it's a beast. You'll love the wireless controller. Great vid – Keep the Bison content coming!

Phillip Sheridan says:

Where is the front license plate. Washington does requires a front plate!

I know AEV make a front plate relocation kit for people that want the winch on the Colorado’s

Craig Borrenpohl says:

The timing of this video is amazing as I just took delivery of the Comeup winch for my Bison!
Side note – happy Brawl of the Wild week and sorry griz but GO CATS!

Niles Productions says:

Nice winch! Looks slick compared to my smittybilt x20. Great video guys

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