Chevrolet Truck Silverado Brake Switch Replacement

Chevrolet Truck Silverado Brake Switch Replacement

Quick DIY on how to replace your brake light switch for chevy trucks.



J B says:

Useless. Thanks.

Clarence Alexander says:

You dumb ass. You don't know a damn thing except what you may have heard or seen. What happened to the detailed explanation/close up part of the removal and installation of the clip???

Steve Card says:

Right no help whatsoever

Brys Cheek says:

That stupid ass clip though .. I put a hose clamp in it's place on my truck lol

Stephen Morgan says:

First thing you says I'm going to show you how to change this. And then the video ends and he never showed you how to change it. Ha ha! The entire video he's just holding it in his hand and talking about it.

Musical Gear says:

Yeah man show everything except the hard part.

H P says:

Useless video

Buddy713 says:

Kinda a useless video

M K says:

thank YOU- the switch has 3 sets of contact points inside- release the FIVE tangs and open the switch. clean the contacts with contact cleaner AND use burnishing tool or small file ( steal your wife's nail file if need be) add contact cleaner to the plug connectors and you are good for another 20 years- the clip is the hardest part!

My issue was gearshift wouldn't unlock…that's when I knew I had a problem- I think my brake lights were ok. I went at this the minute I had a problem

TRXdell says:

Helped a lot

Ashton Gooday says:

I have a 03 Silverado anytime I hit the brake my right blinker stays on and when I use my left blinker all my rear light flash and when in cruse control I cant use my blinker it cuts off cruse control could the brake switch be the problem

butchtheiw says:

Would the brakes be affected if that pigtail was disconnected? I just rebuilt mty hydroboost and forgot to plug it back in. I drove a mile yesterday before I noticed my brakes were on. Got back to the house and all 4 brakes were smoking. Found the pigtail out of it's socket this morning.

Wayne Trail says:

I found the best way to get in there i let my 10 year old do it

Amber Ross says:

Yeah- would be great to find a tutorial on how to get the clip back on…..

Steven Baxter says:

That retaining clip really sucked. Thanks for the help but this didn’t fix my cruise control issue. Any ideas what else might be the problem?

Leroy Padilla says:

Actually showed nothing

TheeHanzoMain - says:

Any one know if this is relevant to a 03 Silverado?

ali almalki says:

Thank you so much. What about tahoe 2015?

EDGAR8963 says:

Thanks bro this helped me a lot I couldn't figure it out I didn't even know there was a brake switch thanks allot saved me a ticket for shure

inbetweenthemirror says:

The first time you do this, it may take forever. Lmao. But this video helps so mych

James Ah Tau says:

thank you. it helps

Buster The Mutt says:

I would highly recommend not prying on the clip, IT WILL BRAKE you will have to get a new one separately too ..

nael halabi says:

Can you tel me please wich contacts are normaly open and wich are nirmaly close
Thank you

SpaceViking333 says:

Where’s the hardest part? Boo.

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