Chevrolet Shift Cable Replacement (EASY HOW TO)

Chevrolet Shift Cable Replacement (EASY HOW TO)

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In todays episode I replace the lower shift cable going to the transmission on a 2009 Chevrolet Avalanche LT, Very simple job can be done without lifting the vehicle with very few tools involved.

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Lets Drift Media says:

Sorry for the loss of audio at 0:49 through 1:00 not too sure what happened there.

Maria says:

Does this work for 2011 chevy cruze LT ?

Matt Giblet says:

How did you get the cable to stay when you put it on

Royal S says:

Umm how do u disconnect it? U show everything but the most important part

William Polk says:

I see you skipped the tightest part which is disconnecting the connecting piece

ssj2camaro21 says:

Damnit, I needed from the shifter to the floor board. Also gm said once you disconnect them, you must replace both. Or risk safety hazards

Ein says:

Nice working at a Chevy dealer I’m dying to reprogram that tpms thoughhh

Jeff Keryk says:

Nice work… Kinda wonder what you charged your neighbor? Whatever it was, it was a fraction of the dealer cost and associated hassle.

Ramon Villa says:

Yoooooo! Yooo! Yoo!

John Hnetkovsky says:

Holy Shit! Where is all the rust? Even the brake lines look like new!haha I'm in Chicagoland, rust capital!

Nuts And Guts says:

I am a Chevy guy and that still kinda sucks to be honest I hate adjusting them lol

Breeze Rides says:

Always good knowing how to fix those GMC vehicles. I had 2007 SWB NBS Big V8 Silverado single cab. Miss that rocket on wheels. Never had any issues other than brakes and batteries.

G N says:

Happened to my 09 3500, pretty cheap bushing but those things are a pain to press in lol before my temporary fix was a shit load of zip ties until I made it back home

Jeremy Anthony says:

Awesome job Nick. Since when do you work on anything except Toyota though?

RC James says:

Great stuff.

Jando says:

Refreshed my feed and this popped up first time to watch it!

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