2015 Escalade Yukon Tahoe 2016 Chevrolet GMC 2017 Cadillac 2018 Condenser AC DIY Remove Replace 

2015 Escalade Yukon Tahoe 2016 Chevrolet GMC 2017 Cadillac 2018 Condenser AC DIY Remove Replace 


Ben Tabor says:

Is the replacement redesigned? Or is there a support to reduce cracking? How do we prevent TWs and kiddos from getting hot in the future?

Steven Gaston says:

Great Job Bro

Sam Kuhl says:

Justin just love how you let Katie push the last little clip in to complete the job when you gonna finish the locking switch on the Blazer ?

Chris Colwell says:

Classic junk Cadillac espescially escalade

Ron Peacock says:

Classic Husband's day off…. working harder on the honey-DO list…

jd72 says:

I hope the system was evacuated before filling with refrigerant.

Jay Dee says:

Next Vlog needs to show how refrigerate is placed back into the Escalade. That said, the magic of YouTube showed the Volvo's APU blowing cool air when the A/C compressor was replaced. The Escalade looks to have that same YouTube magic too.

Henry G says:

Great job on your day off!!!! You don’t never let no grass grow under your toes Justin!!!!!

vassmotorsports says:

Do you need to bring by the shop tomorrow and I can pull vac and charge to capacity?

Matty C says:

Awesome video and thanks for sharing.

Paul Walker says:

Hello everyone

Jacob Smith says:

Suggestion link your other channels under the channel tab on all your channels makes it way easier for people to check out each channel

miaheat21180 says:

Did you take it to be vacuumed out and replaced with the refrigerant? This was a big service bulletin the crack in the welds all the time

Kyle says:

Is the drier connected to that condenser it looks like it is

George Parker says:

Your first step would be to evacuate the Freon from the system as releasing to the atmosphere is illegal.

Crispy 1 says:

It's cool you're making a channel for your boys can't wait to see that screaming chicken rolling down the road

Paul C says:

Can tell that your mechanical inclined. Good way to be we can always save money that way ..

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