2014-15-16-17-2018 Chevy Sierra/Silverado Amplifier install

2014-15-16-17-2018 Chevy Sierra/Silverado Amplifier install


2014-2018 Gm Sierra/Silverado Amplifier installation using our Plug and play Loop Back harness teamed up with 2 Audio control amps LC4.800 and an LC1.800 along with an Epicenter to help boost that deep bass.


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shaftys gaming says:

Need this setup in my truck

Michael Presey says:

Hey I bought one of your guys LOC plug and play and the remote wire doesn't turn my amp on after 2 years of use , what could be the issue ?

Jose Rubio says:

Where you get power for the remot for the amp ?


Thank you for your video. I was wanting to install a system in my 2017 Sierra and wasn't sure how I wanted to do it but and now I know I can do it after watching your video.

JonBoy says:

I have a 2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Crew cab with an 8 inch factory
radio screen. I'm adding 4 sundown 8 inch 800 watt 2 ohms subwoofers running off of a
810 DM digital processer and the orion 5000 watt class D amplifier.
My truck model does not have the bose amp system.

Which custom harness would you'll recommend for this setup?

Sergio Acedo says:

Where did you ground the amp at?

Bri Arm says:

What’s the loop back harness for? The rca’s n remote wire?

rafael garcia says:

What’s up bro, I want to add a amp for my subwoofer and keep my factory speaker and radio, wish hardness do I need??? I have a 2016 Silverado

Thomas Burrell says:

How do I get in touch with your company to get this harness?

Javier Ortega says:

Green conectors where i can get?

Lost AF OffRoad says:

I’m about to add a amp to my 2016. It has the rpo code io5 for the radio will the green plug work?

Daniel Starr says:

Hey LLJ, I got the amp rack plug n play from y’all. I was wondering which bolt y’all recommend using for the custom fuse box bracket y’all made. To everyone wondering if the product is worth it, HELL YES. The build quality is better than I could have expected, and the cost was barely over retail for the equipment included. For a novice, the rack is easily 20-30 hours of labor, if you even had the right tools. LLJ is the real deal

Andy’s says:

Do you sell a kit for these 2017 silverados basically everything you just installed

Luis Reyes says:

Donde puedo comprar todo ese sistema que instalaste los harness y los amplificadores listos para conectar

Live stream kennyr Ruiz says:

Where you located that method you just did that’s exactly what I need to get done in my Silverado

thinrax says:

Anyone have issues getting the wire thru the grommet?

Will Huber says:

Why does this look expensive

Geoff Barfield says:

How can I get my hands on a setup like this with amp rack? Do I just call the number on the left hand side of the screen, if so who do I ask for?

Anthony Wilks says:

if i have the bose system already in my truck and i want to add a sub, can the bose amplifier take a 400w sub? say a JL audio 12TW3-D4? or will i have to buy a new amp?

Kevin Marshall says:

Chevy sierra? Hmm. Is that like the ford viper?

Zachary Conkey says:

Can I get a part list

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