Top 5 Problems Cadillac CTS Sedan 1st Generation 2003-07

Top 5 Problems Cadillac CTS Sedan 1st Generation 2003-07

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Here are the top 5 problems with the 1st generation Cadillac CTS, which includes model years 2003 to 2007! Andy runs down the list of issues or problems that we have found with this vehicle, or what other mechanics or GM have reported. He offers suggestions and tips for resolving the trouble codes or other issues as well.

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0:00 Top Problems Cadillac CTS 1st Gen 2003-07
0:20 EVAP Purge Solenoid P0496/P0441/P0443
1:28 No Start
2:59 Timing Belts & Chains
3:57 Engine Misfires
5:04 Thermostat P0128

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Underground king says:

The ecm also it will get your key stuck in the ignition, quick fix, turn key to on position (don’t crank the car just put it in the on position) leave the driver door open , pull the ecm fuse make sure it’s not blown ,put it back in ,take it back out 2 times , crank the car up and it will release your key and clear the security light and traction control light.

Juan Castillo says:

06 cats I bought right after high school. Right off the bat when I took it home. Whenever I put gas. It seems it drowns the engine since I had to put the gas pedal down every time I fill up even just 10$ worth of gas. I had to fix the alternator which was expected since it had 95K miles. I put a new water pump on it. Just recently replaced the radiator. And my battery just died when I bought it at 2018. My radio just went out. I have no audio. And for some reason. A few years back I had to replace my high beams 3 TIMES!!! I love how this car looks. But lol man this car needs lots of maintenance. I still have to change my rear diff bushing since it decides to kicked when I push the gas a little hard. When I say a little I mean just 3K RPM. Not sure whether to get rid of this and get a new Cadillac. Or fix this up some more

Abraham Garza says:

07 CTS, 2.8L: I had 2 issues. 1) main 12v cable from batt to starter shorted to exhuast manifold. Symptoms were instrument panel would reboot while driving. 2) If I did not use mobile 5w-20 eng oil I would have compression issues if the car sat too long with out starting. Car would crank, but not start. It would act like the starter not engaging the flywheel.

Gabriela Puente says:

I lost compression when the car sat for over 2 months. The local car shop said it was a head job. 6 months later (car sat again for a couple of months), I had the same issue. The care cranks, but no compression. It acted as if the starter solenoid was not engaging the flywheel (but it was). I sent the car back to the same shop, where they sprayed lubricant into the cylinder heads via spark plug ports and car started right up. 6 months later, I had same issue, this time I sprayed lubrican in the cylinder heads and car started right up. I changed oil and started using the OEM recomended lubricant Mobile 5W-20 and haven't had any issues since.

It’s Ammo says:

This has been the most disappointing car I have ever owned. Had it for 2-3 years and already dropped 2-3 times the money it’s actually worth,

Enrique Farias says:

What about the 2011 cts coupe 3.6 any info ?

Albert Jaramillo says:

My 2006 CTS Cadillac gets really hot ,not over heating but you can feel the heat just by standing in front of the car. Any help?

Lucky Thomas says:

I have a 06 CTS I come home to change my breaks and put new headlights in and went to start it and had no power interior lights come on but nothing else.and key got stuck in ignition.battery is good alternator is good no blown fuses new ignition switch can someone help me out on what else to do please

M K Mitchell says:

hello i have a question i have a 2006 cts 2.8 engine i had onstar run a systems check and it came back saying emission exhaust something like that but it said fix in 5 days i would get poor gas milage and cause other problems if not fixed. does this problem ring a bell and whats needed to correct the problem and is it expensive and it is using a ton of fuel please help if you will tell me what i need the check engine like didnt come on it was found during my monthly systems check. Thank you

BadBoyExtreme Bullies says:

Hi I have a 2005 cts 3.6L, The Fuel pump is not getting power I checked the fuse and Relay they are good and I don't think its the fuel pump because its working I've tried two different Pumps both work also I changed the fuel pump electrical connector. once i turn the key to the on position the fuel pump will not come on and the car keep cranking

Anthony Tony says:

Love my 2007 cts I have hade cylinder 5 and 6 misfire in the past 1-2 years that just took 1 simple spark plug/coil. The blinkers do also only work sometimes though think that’s just little module thing. But runs good for 175k miles on it

I'm A Planet That You've Never Seen Before says:

That's the 3.6L. The 2L V6 option has a different intake plenum

Ms.Kanitra Harris says:

I just recently bought a 2007 BTS and I have definitely experienced a slow start issues and I've been very concerned about the all I'm definitely going to double-check the all before leaving this video was extremely helpful thank you

Ernie Carrasco says:

I have 2003 3.2 L manual. Is there anything that I should be warned about?

Hector Hernandez says:

Service airbag light and catalystic converters

Bradley Dicara says:

Have a question if your going down the road and catching speed and the car trust to cut off what's wrong with that on the Cadillac

Raul Rodriguez says:

Cylinder 3 misfire

Rob R says:

I had an 07 CTS. Got her pretty cheap at 60k miles. Went through the heating sensor, stater, replaced the wiper fluid systems and coolant hoses after the plastic rotted, and also replaced the cylanders after a misfire bent one. Engine blew the head gasket at 108k miles. Gave up on her after that.
Really fun,cheap, and comfortable car. However, they require a large amount of maintainence.

art cannata says:

Have a 03 cts 3.6 car will not engage transmission until the temperature guage reads halfway?? Never seen this before in any other cars I've owned

Darwyn Vernon says:

i have a 2006 cadillac cts. My check engine light is on giving me a po206 code. Bur the car drives/responds very smooth. Scan tool says possible injector ecm ignition coil or spark plug. I don't know which

Bob Caracappa says:

You forgot to mention about the ECMS how they often go bad!

Sam Holcombe says:

One of the most common problems is differential bushing rubber rotting out and causing clunking noise when shifting gears or on/ off accelerator. Replaced mine with polyurethane one from revshift 35,000 miles ago. Now I need all bushings and mounts replaced. The CTS-Vs have too much power for the differential and will eventually grenade it unless a granny driver never gets on it. I love these cars but the differential is the weakest link

Sam Holcombe says:

I had misfire in #2 replaced injector and fixed but now misfire #6. I believe it to be vacuum leak but cannot pin it down specifically. Spray carb cleaner on driver side top and clears up. Replaced orings for lines to plenum because they were not tight, replaced plenum gasket but no luck. Maybe lower intake gasket but I broke an intake bolt putting it back together, torque wrench set at 17 lbs but never clicked. Anyway I’m about to take it in to let a pro fix the vacuum leak and now the broken bolt. I’ve changed 2 other injector on this car and no problem, the good ol days

LexRCF214 says:

So question, 2009 CTS, after I fill up with gas, car will have a hard time starting back up? Fuel pump? Any help is appreciated. Thank you

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