My Catalytic Converter Was Stolen! $20 Fix

My Catalytic Converter Was Stolen! $20 Fix

Today I did a quick and easy fix for the Jeep’s stolen cat, and now we can temporarily get it back on the road.
I used a flexible pipe like this:
And these type of clamps:
Replacement Converter For a Permanent Fix:



Hiroko (Rio) says:

Hello. Great video. thank you. Mine was stolen two days ago and I may live without car for month or more since repair shop doesn't get new one because of shortage…. By doing this, there is no problem driving any distance ( I won't go too far, but) until I get new converter? I don't know well about car, so just wondering.

Bimbi says:

Mine just cot stolen from my 03 honda pilot 🙁

nut master says:

Discord moderator

Joe Rogan says:

So after you add the exhaust pipe to the coupled clamp pipe how long is that a solution until it has to be replaced ??

Jenny clark says:

If you get caught with this can't you be fined?

M F says:

You’ve given me the will you try this!!

SkYxLeGaCY says:

I would be grateful if someone took my catalytic converter off. It don't do anything except smog Emissions and smothers your motor of it full power. But the emissions is a joke considering the governments cause more pollution than 5 million people running just straight off the headers.

Jennifer Jaramillo says:

Mines was stolen too

Jennifer Jaramillo says:

What is the name of product

Citizen Uploaded Steubenville Police Scanner says:

Lol so did it last a week?

Amber (Cinderz) Morthland says:

I have a 2004 Civic and they butchered the remaining pipe. I was nursing this poor car along thru the winter, and this was a low blow. I'm livid. hahaha The shops want 2100 dollar repair on a 700 dollar ghetto car

Rachel Olson says:

Thanks for the fix info. It's violating when people steal this stuff. I'm too old for this..

A&B&C things says:

So I did this but I'm still leaking. What diameter did you use? Great video of course and thanks for the insight

Frank Fourneau says:

I did this on my motorhome with a 460 V10 motor, on the first good size hill the transmission went from drive to 3 gear about 4000 RPMs and blew that pipe to smithereens.

Josh Bryant says:

This is a great video and is definitely gonna save my ass considering some loser just jacked my catalytic converter

Any reason you used two clamps on the one side with the extension tube?

SOUL R4G3 says:

My catalytic converter did not get stolen, but it is extremely loud and definitely no good anymore… I was trying to think of a way that I can get the noise to quiet down, but a new catalytic converter for my vehicle is hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars and I just don’t have it at the moment, I went out to the auto store and got the exact same parts as you for like 15 bucks all together and I’m going to do what you did… I don’t care if it’s pretty as long as it’s functional and you can’t see the bottom of my car anyway… I will update when I do the work but I have a feeling it’ll come out wonderful… Thank you for the advice ohh and some advice for anyone else thinking of doing this, ask the person at the counter what the diameter of your exhaust is for your model vehicle is and get a flex pipe ever so slightly larger….and I mean BARELY larger….you’ll have the best success this way. This guy is a genius and I’m so glad I found his video….AGAIN, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

SOUL R4G3 says:

First thing THANK YOU! Second who the actual fuck steals a cat converter…this is exactly what I’m dealing with right now, somone didn’t steal mine….but yeah…hopefully your idea works for me aswell….you think I may be able to slip past a inspection test with this? I mean I have a guy who looks the other way when the computer shows it’s good than he wont say anything about the things he can physically see…think this will help me pass? I need it done soooon….

Mysterion Mysterion says:

To think this still occurs and in the same way!!!

HodlCrypto says:

Remember people make sure you mark your cat where you want the thieves to cut

Jon Sanders says:

Come clean bro you sold it

Timothy Cottle says:

Did you ever get a new cat? It won’t pass a smog without it.

P. K. Work says:

Thanks for the how to…hate you needed to do it!

A Perez says:

That makes two of us bud. Thanks for this. Aww baby dogs

Detonation Pyrotechnics says:

Well the good news is you decided to screw the next guy that tries lol

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