Installing RideTech on a 1962 Cadillac!

Installing RideTech on a 1962 Cadillac!

Step-by-step video showing the installation of a complete RideTech air ride set up on a 1962 Cadillac including the RidePro system. We show you everything that’s involved with installing this kit, which took us about a weekend of casual work. Air up for drive, air down for show!



Contractor says:

So your 1 inch off the ground. How many inches do you think it will rise in the front?
Thanks again.

Contractor says:

This is the best instructional video ever! Thank you.

FreakinRican32 says:

Looking at getting a 62 fleetwood. Wanted to see what kind of job this would be cause that’s my #1 priority. Not too bad of an install! Thanks for such a great in depth video man

James Lee says:

What a great video. Learned alot!! I have a 69 Deville I plan on installing air. Thanks man!

fusion_sicko says:

i called them directly and they hawe now shipped it. wouldent bought it if its not fore your video:) tanx!

Robert cornelisse says:

Thats a beautiful car. Nice job

Mark Sweet says:

Wow what a difference before & after.. beautiful ride!!

Boo Yascone says:

Nice ride good video I got a 81 DeVille I'm thinking air ride

Todd Perkins says:

if you install the rear shocks up side down then the shock and rebound will be reversed. has that been a problem with the air bags?

ray vaughn says:

thanks enjoyed the video

fusion_sicko says:

where can you buy this exact kit? im from norway and want to buy from a site people trust! tanx fore great vid btw, thank you!

DYFEA says:

i hope to see a drive vid of this thing sometime! what a car!

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