I Bought an "As-Is" Cadillac Escalade and got $10,000 off because the Dealer Couldn't Fix It

I Bought an "As-Is" Cadillac Escalade and got $10,000 off because the Dealer Couldn't Fix It

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I bought this Cadillac Escalade with low mileage, “0 accidents” and supposedly a front parking sensor issue. Turns out there was a few other things the seller didn’t disclose…

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Jeff says:

I bought a new Cadillac Escalade in 2019 I was driving on the freeway all of the sudden a heard of deer ran across the freeway infront of me. I hit three of them it was such a impact one of the deers head went threw the windshield the rest of it hanging on the hood. The insurance company considered it totaled, off to the junkyard it went. Best thing for me was wearing a seat belt I hate using them but this time I was glad I did. I live on a farm lots of deer around I was just glad it wasn't a bull crossing the freeway.

Your Unknown Friend says:

I'd bet money that it's a ground issue somewhere along the frame or the body. There's too many DTC's with different modules, it just doesn't make sense logically that all of these modules would fail at once on a relatively new vehicle.

Jason Nichols says:

I think you should ask your step mom what she thinks might be wrong with it. She's always wanting to help you finish. She might be a good resource…

u666sa says:

@Samcrac research propane kit from Russia, it's a popular add on on these cars. Not sure how it is in the U.S., but in Russia propane is available at pretty much every gas station and it cost twice lower than regular gas. Propane has octane rating of 105 and above, so it's no slaudge. With the kit you get a switch on your dash, you flip it and it drives on propane, flip it back and it drives on gas, you don't even have to stop and turn the engine off.

Douglas B. says:

The BMW is a PITA
The Escaburban a POS

10100rsn says:

If you want to reseal an electronic module you can use RTV Ultra-Black. You can use it on the components and the backside of the connectors, even the entire circuit board if you wanted. You can apply it anywhere it is needed as it is electronics safe.

Topsy Kretts says:

Sam. I think you missed your hair-cut. Please keep up with the good standard next time.

Grabasandwich says:

I'm agreeing with anyone else who mentions Eric O @southmainauto working on the '19 Chevy truck with the bad ground strap. Nobody's perfect, and Eric will own up to his mistakes, but his diag skills are pretty damn good.

Ina **hot vlog says:

I think that it is likely that there is damage to some of the wiring harness behind the bumper cover. I would remove that bumper cover and start tracing wires.

Nicholas Murphy says:

What a lot of chassis rust.

Eric Jenks says:

I’m going to bet you have to pull the front end off… this reeks of make it look good from 50 feet and get it out the door. Betting you find the real issues once you start peeling away at the onion

Lee Marshall says:

Spray that module with WD-40

JB6789 says:

To consider for these electronic IC's.

With the module unplugged and safely discharged…spray it (good amount) with WD-40 (or a cheap multi-purpose alternative to WD40) to displace all of the water. Some Deoxit on the contacts. Then blow dry it or air dry it for a few hours under the sun.

If you have an ultrasonic bath…place it in the bath with soapy water…run the ultrasound…remove from the bath, rinse with demineralized water…then apply the WD-40 and similarly dry it.

This is a proven method often implemented on used PC parts (motherboards, GPU cards). No guarantees such methods will work…sometimes a "dead" card is a dead card. Good luck.

g pilsitz says:

Hope you can get it back up to par, pretty vehicle.

AJ says:

DAM that's sick! Escalades are the BEST

clem christian says:

Keep Going !!

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