How to Replace Spark Plugs Cadillac ATS 2.0L

How to Replace Spark Plugs Cadillac ATS 2.0L

How to Replace Spark plugs Cadillac ATS 2.0L . Replacing Spark plugs on 2.0T Chevy Malibu. Step by Step Spark Plug Replacement. Spark Plug Gap for Cadillac ATS and Chevy Malibu. Replacement interval for the spark plugs on the 2.0L.
How to Gap Spark Plugs Video :

Spark Plugs –
Anti Seize –
Spark Plug Socket –
6 inch extension –
3/8 Ratchet –
10mm Wrench –
T-30 Torx Bit –

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Ching- Atum-adre says:

Do I have to disconnect the battery before changing the spark plugs?

Darren Dixon says:

Super clear, quick and with a couple of tips! Appreciate the time you took to make an easy to understand informative video!

Abdulaziz AJ says:

well done with step by step explanation, keep up the great work brother

george fernandez says:

Does 41-988 ac Delco work to on the Cadillac ATS 2.0t 2014

Huang Uncle says:

ok, 我学会了,下次自己换火花塞。不过缺一些工具啊

Anthony Moreno says:

Dose anyone know the bolt size that hold down the coil I broke 2 or the part number for the bolts

rand49er says:

Very thorough. Good job. I've heard other places that GM recommends to not use anti-seize compound on the spark plugs. Just fyi.

Leo Ochoa says:

My 2002 chevy avalanche doesn't goes pass 45- 50 mph well I'm driving btw its been sitting for aournd 3 years . And just started driving it, any suggestions ? And sorry this about the spark pug

William Shull says:

Thank you for the excellent video and audio that explained clearly how I can replace the spark plugs in my 2018 Chevrolet Equinox with the optional 2.0L engine. I didn't know that they needed to be replaced after 60,000 miles (I confirmed that mileage by looking at the owners manual), so thank you for giving us the mileage. I also appreciate that you gave us the torque spec.

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