How to install a starter in your cadillac sts V6.

How to install a starter in your cadillac sts V6.

I show you how to install a starter on a 05 cadillac sts. It’s was very difficult to show but hopefully information is there to understand lf you need to know please don’t hesitate to ask thank and enjoy.



Ochi 2000 says:

I have owned Japan cars all my driving life except this Cadillac sts. It seems to be about 10X harder to change the Starter. What the heck?

Harry Twotter says:

You can't even hear this guy even on full. Blast, not a good way to win over new fans

Canoe2 says:

Doesn’t actually show how to do anything, wtf

jeff blair says:

jeff blair
i have a 2007 Cadillac SRX AWD. I couldnt get starter out from underneath (between cat. converter and steering rack). i turned it end to end – upside down – side to side and it wouldnt come out. Plan B —– i started looking for another hole. I found one on drivers side above the rear of the lower control arm and above the tie rod that goes into the steering rack. I had already taken the drivers side steering rack bolt out and the passenger side bolt loose but couldnt take the bolt out because mine is a AWD and the top of bolt hit the front drive shaft. i did this thinking i could move steering rack a little for clearance so i could drop starter out the botton. couldnt move steering rack enough. The steering rack would move a little bit but not enough. so at this point- steering rack is still loose. This is when i found the side hole behind left tire and above the rear of lower control arm and above the tie rod that goes into the steering rack. I tried to get the starter out of this hole now. Remember the steering rack is still loose at this point( it moves a little bit). Couldnt get it out of the side hole because a wire with a connector was pluged into a round thing , that is part of the steering rack . The plug has a locking tab on the top of it . Push down tab and pull plug off. With the plug off it gives you just enough room to remove the starter. I took mine out with flat end of starter pointing down and the selinoid facing towards the rear. I dont know if having the steering rack loose helped or not. If you cant get it out loosen the steering rack and that might give you the 1/8 inch you need. Also there is a soft and hard brake line that might hamper your efforts. Just gently kinda push on them for clearance. STARTER IS OUT . NOW PUSH NEW STARTER UP IN HOLE WITH CONE (GEAR END) POINTING UP AND SELINOID FACING THE REAR OF THE CAR. I DONT KNOW IF YOU HAVE TO LOOSEN THE STEERING RACK FOR SURE BECAUSE I ALREADY HAD IT LOOSE. I DID HAVE TO REMOVE THAT PLUG THAT GOESTO THE STEERING RACK THOUGH. GOOD LUCK!! I MIGHT ADD THAT MY FRONT TIRES WERE RESTING ON RAMPS AND NOT HANGING DOWN IF THAT MATTERS.

rich yates says:

Thanks for your help. I got the starter bolts out. Knock sensor out and disconnected pos and neg. My starter won’t move do I need to pry on it?

Black Mask says:

You don't need to remove the cat

imafan2b says:

My Cts is idling rough but no codes. What did you say about resetting the computer?

Anthony Jones says:

What tool's did you use for the whole process

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