DIY – 2013+ Cadillac ATS: How To Remove Your Front Bumper by Mishimoto

DIY – 2013+ Cadillac ATS: How To Remove Your Front Bumper by Mishimoto

In this DIY, Rob shows you how to remove the bumper on your 2013+ Cadillac ATS.

Aside from a multitude of fasteners, removing the bumper on the ATS is a simple and straightforward process, requiring only a few simple hand tools.

As always, feel free to follow along and leave a comment with any questions!




Gaby Lopez says:

Can you put an ATS bumper on an STS Cadillac both 2009?

R Wright says:

I have a 2016 Cadillac ATS-V that headlight was damage. Thank you for this video.

Jakkar says:

Would this same procedure work for 2014 CTS?

TJ’s world says:

I have a 2015 ATS do I need to remove the bumper to replace the front emblem

Clarence Delaney says:

I would love to see anything XTS is the ATS the setup?

D M says:

Hello Sir
Can you do a segment on Repairing a coolant temp sensor for a 2013 Cadillac ATS 2.0?

James says:

Does a 2018 ATS bumper fit this year

Max Kozlov says:

Is the 2014 bumper same as the 2015 bumper

jose carlos says:

Do you have to take the whole ft bumper to take the grill off?

Dank Got Em Bands says:

Thank you I really needed this video

jeffrey collins says:

I’d like to see a video of replacing a fan for the Cadillac ATS 2013

Manolo Arellano says:

The 2014 ATS 2.0T Grill, haves a vent hole with motor?

SD Howard says:

My wire harness would not budge. I didn’t see it in your video but my 13 has a red tab that slides up and down but again couldn’t disconnect. Any advice?

Michael Kramer says:

Would love to see a video of removing the rear ATS bumper

Sabino Rodriguez says:

2016 xts cadillac front bumper will not stay connect to front right fender.It snaps out after a couple of days.

James Jennings says:

I have a mesh bolt over grille for a 14 ats would this be the best way to install by taking the bumper off

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