Abandoned Caddy! 1960 Cadillac Sedan DeVille! Will It Run?!?

Abandoned Caddy! 1960 Cadillac Sedan DeVille! Will It Run?!?

I recently purchased this relatively complete 1960 Cadillac Sedan DeVille from a gentleman who responded to a want ad I had placed. He said he heard it run when he purchased it as a project “several” years ago. Let’s see if we can get this 390 Caddy V8 to fire up once again! If you’re interested in the complete car with a title in the as shown condition it can be purchased for $3,500. If you would like to purchase the car as a roller and we keep the engine and transmission you can take this flattop home to your garage for only $1,500! As always, thanks for watching!

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Ron Why says:

Love your videos. People don't realize how Mother Nature can take control of our daily life. But it's so awesome that you pulled through it. And added an epic video. I live in Eastpointe Michigan. Just Northeast of Detroit. They're predicting that we are going to have a bad winter. But anyways love your video. And please let me know if you can. How come puddin's video disappeared. I look forward to your video every Monday. And puddings video. His video was up but then it disappeared before I was able to watch it. Please let me know what happened because you have contact with him.

nicknack daddyack says:

Yes sir! Ice and wind storms suck! I work for our power utility in Washington state and Mt record for not seeing home is 3.5 weeks straight. Lotsa big trees down and poles for miles…..fantastic paycheck although Uncle Sam likes it too. I have never seen something so wired and taped together lol. Gotta love working on that 390!

Joshua Charles says:

God that is stylish! How much for this gem? You find the best years

No J says:

Nothing like a 1959 GM behemoth. Looking forward to an update on this one. Nothing like Duff Dog's endless enthusiasm to keep things going. He duh man!

Tim Pollard says:

wow was that puddins fab shop blue on the caddy

Jeff wb says:

Why can't a man have a dick that is 12 inches long? Because then it would be a foot.

HalfMoonCustoms says:

Easy peasy he likes to give a mans butt a squeezy…….or something like that is what I heard.

Harley Ironhead says:

nice job, stay warm

jeff madden says:

I love how you consider that a high price. That’s a steal where I live.

Richard Noggen says:

This just in!!! ELVIS confirms this car DID run when parked!!ll …….. #MortskeTCB ..

spike18801 says:

i hope u power gets back on soon i know how bad it can get up north and ah ya karma from the spider jump scare shes a wench lol

Charles G Stockmeister says:

Fram Fram thank you ma'am" the tampons supplied to the Mississippi woman's Correctional facilities are a higher quality product. But they're good enough for the girls we go with

andrewkiwi1 says:

In the last place i worked we had a 58 long wheel base caddy come in. Its rented out for weddings and had become unreliable so it was given to us to fix. Wouldn't idle for any length of time, poor acceleration etc. The carb had been over tightened and had pulled the corners down. The throttle shaft was twisted too. The same idiot had tightened the top of the carb down too. The top gasket leaks so he tighten it down to 40 lbs and now it leaks more. LOL The plugs were worn down, the leads sparked on anything they touched. The low tension wire was down to one strand. It got new wires, plugs and fuel filter and a shiny new Edelbrook carb and spacer plate and a few wiring repairs. What a difference. It ran perfectly and he came back a week or two later and said the gas mileage was way better too. Good luck with your power situation. I hope they fix it soon.

JB says:

You really helped me

Donnie Boyum says:

How rad is it that thing runs so dang good! Just a heads up if you like road trips, all the pot growers in Oregon are fleeing and there are some wicked good deals on diesel generators. Just saying.

Grant Koeller says:

Get solar panels

mike massey says:

Fat girl car and weather……

Jesterr says:

I'm with ya on the Quadrajunk. Those things are such a pain in the ass to take apart. I can do it, but I choose not to. If they quit working, I would rather buy a new one then work on them. It's worth the money to me.

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