Top 5 Problems Buick LeSabre Sedan 8th Generation 2000-05

Top 5 Problems Buick LeSabre Sedan 8th Generation 2000-05

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These are the top 5 problems with the Buick LeSabre! If you already own a LeSabre or are looking to buy one, you’ll want to know about these problems! Andy points out the most common problems with the LeSabre, and offers tips on how you could prevent them, or fix them if they have already popped up!

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0:00 Top 5 Problems Buick LeSabre 8th Gen 2000-05
0:15 Intake Gasket
1:35 Pressure Control Solenoid
2:14 Rear Air Ride Shocks
2:30 Front Wheel Bearings
2:59 Blower Motor
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David Whiting says:

Lmao you nailed it forsure.

Robert Berkley says:

I love my 2001 buick lesabre❗❗❗ thanks for the video because these are the exact symptoms my car is having

R as in ReKoiL says:

Have an 04' limited with 200k on the dash. No check engine light, an I drive 40 mile commute every day.
Encountered all of these and then some. Gas gauge doesn't work, window on front passenger side gets crooked when going up, speakers are blown/rotted. (Wish it had a bit more power) Either way I love this car. It's never left me stranded.

Dylan Lanaville says:

Mu is stuck in security mood any tips on how to reset

Dallas Morrison says:

I love this car, I got a rear air shock issue right now will be fixed in the morning

Its a Rome Thing Everyday says:

Them elbows that go bad are plastic, i noticed the ones on our two buicks are metal, Overall great cars, thanks for this, very helpful

Doug Hackett says:

Is there much of a difference in the " ride" if I exchange the air ride rear shocks to coil-over shocks? How long do air ride shocks normally last?

Victory Transparency says:

I have a 2003 Lesabre and it shifts a little rough, I would get the transmission solenoid fixed but I live in AZ and you can't get nothing done here without garages telling you it's going to be thousands of dollars

pnell Lott says:

Thx for this one,. needed it.

BrendenAerosmith Farr says:

We have a 2005 lesabre. Problems we’ve had with it are the ignition module (which is common on any 3800 engine) . That problem should have been listed. blower motor resistor, and the rear air ride shocks did go bad a few years ago. They were leaking causing the pump to kick on so often

Also another common issue with these Lesabres and any GM vehicle with the 3800 v6 is more often the catalytic converters will lose their efficiency and trip a P0420 code for inefficient catalytic converter

Daniel Palmer says:

Most reliable car I ever owned. 2003 buick lesabre

Susan D says:

Thank you so much, great video.. I suspected a transmission issue in it's early stages, so hopefully it's just the solenoid?? It feels like a tiny skip when i first put my foot on the gas, almost like how your tires skip when peeling out on dirt..??

James Last says:

Sonnax makes a shift kit for these that solves slow and harsh shifting. Easy install.

C K says:

Did all five on my 2004 but best car I ever owned. A tank in the snow belt also and I constantly blew by SUV's in heavy weather.

photondebuger45 says:

How is that one plastic? The intake I mean the pontiac grand prix the 04 we have has a uhh I think it's a magnesium intake but every other one I see is plastic that's strange.

Robin Murphy says:

2002 Lesabre – All the above plus all window regulators twice, cruise control switch, headlights switch, fuel pump, tie rod ends, control arms, upper ball joints, and transmission is starting to slip. All these failures occurred well before 100k miles. But drives like a dream.

Paul Shumway says:

1. It’s 20 years old. 2. It’s a Buick. Fill in the other 3 yourselves.

Lawrence Meyers says:

All w body will have same issue bro

Oumar jr Touré says:

Do mazda 5 2006 to 2010

David Warn says:

Lol I have a 2002 and have had all the problems you mentioned except transmission (knock on wood). But it is a great car and I love it. Overall very reliable. Hard to change the air shocks to coilovers?

k_Jay says:

I have had or currently have 4 out of 5 of those problems with my 01 LeSabre.

Everardo Camacho says:

Thank you for your advise,my buick 2003 regal,the key do not come out of the ignition when I turn the car off. I have to use a screwdriver at the bottom to push a small cylinder, what is the fix?please help,

Burdysc says:

There are aluminum replacement elbows for the 3800, which only costs a few bucks more, that lasts longer than the plastic ones

Vela Bela says:

Doesn’t seem like a lot

Anonymous says:

Rust was also a killer. Honestly I can’t remember the last time I saw one of these in the road, I live in the rust belt.

Sarah Lee says:

You won't believe this but currently I'm parked in between two of those vehicles as we speak. LOL I'm in my driveway my roommate has one and then came across another to use as a parts car. somehow today I got sandwiched in between them lol. I'm getting ready to share this video with her as we speak LOL
BTW why do these cars sit so low to the dang ground?

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